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16 older people share the things they don't understand why young people do today.

16 older people share the things they don't understand why young people do today.


Getting older can be a confusing and isolating experience, but it can also be a cathartic and liberating journey...

Looking at a group of younger people and remembering the pressure to 'fit in,' keep up with trends, or succeed in the hustle and grind of the rat race can provide a unique perspective as you get older. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Older people of reddit, what is something young people are doing that puzzles you?' people were ready to share the behaviors that deeply perplex them.


The overdone lip injections. I can’t wait for this trend to die. - chubbybarbie81


Taking pictures of yourself all the time. Even as a younger person I can't imagine doing this. - Ok_Wolverine9344


Van life. The whole 'Van life is so glamorous, look at me sipping my coffee sitting in the back of my van in front of the sunrise' thing is WAY overrated and very, very fake.

Van life or camper life can be fun and an adventure at times, yes - but it comes with a LOT of work, expense and risk that people don't tell you about. - Just_another_Sue


I've seen young girls living through Snapchat & other apps, vehemently photographing themselves and everything around them. To me, it seems as if they care more about how they portray themselves online towards others (they don't even know), instead of enjoying the actual experiences. - Flikketeer


Influencers and those who are influenced by them. It drives me crazy! So many of these influencers are just narcissistic idiots who really don’t know anything but if they are pretty and talk a good game, people follow them and believe in their “brand.' So much focus on body image - it’s no wonder depression is spiking. - Oddly_Random5520


This is real small, and makes me feel real ancient, but pulling their bathing suits up their butt cracks. It just looks SO uncomfortable to me, but y’all do you. I’ll sit over in my full coverage, granny bathing suit that’s probably ugly, but I’ll be comfy- lavalite8236


I kinda hate the claw like nails that are popular right now. - Golfnpickle


Wearing comfy shoes (like sneakers) to the club.... I'm not mad at it, I'm mad my dumba*s never did that... lol - RemoteTowel7152


I am 50. I am actually amazed by young women's self confidence. So many of the amazing young adults I meet through my kids just scream self confidence. I still feel insecure at 50.

Maybe it is because since they could be online everyone had an opinion on them and they had to learn just not to care. But so many of them, even if it is not there fake that self confidence.

I have said I wanted to be my middle child when I grew up her whole life. She is just fierce. She makes no excuses for who she is. She is amazing. And her life is not always easy.

She just handles the world like it is hers to be handled. And I watch the same thing from her brother, her sister and about every one they know. They kind of give me hope the world is getting better.

I was laughing at my 12 yo great niece. I have taken care of her since she was 9 months old. She does competition cheer. But the faces she makes. Wow. Straight fierce. That's what I wanna be when I grow up.- No-Fishing5325


Botox in their early 20s. There's nothing there. What wrinkles are you trying to fix?- deliriousgoomba


They are SO good at makeup. I don’t know if it’s because they have better products, the availability of tutorial videos or both but they all look amazing and we were walking around with orange faces and smudged eyeliner. Not gonna lie I’m a little jealous - SnooPeripherals5969


Passive aggressive roommate fights. The layers can get really impressive, but in a terrible way. 'A wrote B a note about dishes but C thought it was about them so C wrote A a note then B came home and thought it was for her so she texted the group chat and...'

DUDE. TALK TO PEOPLE. TALK. TO. PEOPLE. This is the perfect time in your life to be practicing assertiveness and healthy conflict resolution. All this sh*tty note-writing and vague group text chatting and bullsh*t is making whatever the problem is a thousand times worse. - Much_Difference


Letting everyone on the internet knowing exactly whare you are at all times and what your schedule is seems a bit nuts.- Konebred


Crying on the internet. I’m talking full on snot bubble crying. Maybe it’s my childhood trauma talking but I can’t fathom having an awful thing happen to me and then whipping out my phone to tell my “followers” about it. Maybe bc I have No followers. I just bury it deep and slap on a smile like my mom taught me - FreshJuice60


Blasting pictures of their young children all over social media - assylemdivas


Buccal fat removal surgery. - walkingoffthebuz

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