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Teen wants to tell on student for cheating by using AI, gets called a 'narc.' AITA?

Teen wants to tell on student for cheating by using AI, gets called a 'narc.' AITA?


"WIBTA if I ratted a girl out in my class for using Chat GPT for her work even though it would risk her academic career?"


I am going to try and keep this short since it’s not as big of an issue compared to the other posts on here. I (17f) am in an AP Literature class as a junior. The class is hard, and a lot of work, but all the work is for a reason. On the first day of school in September my teacher assigned projects that would be due on the first of December.

That gave us 3 months to do it. These projects were a one pager, an assignment analyzing a book, and a book for us to read in our own. Pride and Prejudice, the book, came with 3 assignments to complete as you read, I started early and finished both projects in November.

A new girl joined my group yesterday, let’s call her Bella(16f). When my teacher assigned a project based on Pride and Prejudice, I talked about the project with my group and asked how far everyone was with the book.

Bella piped in and said she didn’t even read the book, laughed, and admitted to using Chat GPT on the assignments for the book AND the paper. We already had a project in the past with an old group, which one girl did no work and left me and my friend Ella to do all the work.

So to say I was pi$$ed was an understatement. I refuse to do all the work with my friend Ella again. Trying to work it out, I asked Bella if she would be able to read the book and work on the project as she does.

She refused and said that she does not wanna read the book, and she’ll figure out another way to do the work. I talked to Ella, and although we both like the new girl as a person, we agreed to tell the instructor about her use of AI to do the work, as that is the only way we could get access to an extension.

I ranted to my friend about needing to rat Bella out, and they got upset at me, calling me an ahole and saying that I “don’t know her home life and what she has to deal with”.

I tried explaining my side of the story, expressing that I also have a busy life and other honors classes and won’t have time to do a five person project between me and Ella in the same time frame as everyone else.

They reminded me that if I ratted Bella out, there’s a chance she could get kicked out of this class and get in trouble with the school, as we have a strict no cheating or AI policy. She could be kicked out of her sports, extracurriculars, or other honors classes as well.

So Reddit, would I be the AH if I reported her? Some people are confused on why her use of AI is relevant. She used AI as a way to avoid reading the book needed. Without reading the book, she has no way of doing the project based on it.

When I mentioned this, she said she’ll just use AI for her portion. The reason I mentioned the AI part is to show how she avoided the work before, and will continue to do so, which will affect my group needing to pick up her slack.

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Just say that she isn't reading the book and as such can't do her share of the work. Her previously using AI seems irrelevant?


NTA. She made this decision herself when she decided to submit work that was not her own.


I’m not going to lie, people use Chat gpt all the time for reading assignments. Now she shouldn’t have plagiarized the one pager but I don’t see the problem in using Chat as a resource for book analysis. And I’m saying this as a college student who doesn’t always feel like reading 30-80 pages a week.


NTA. It's not fair that you guys worked hard on finishing the project by yourselves, and following school policy while she has some bot to do the work for her. And if your friends don't see the problem with that, then what kind of friends are they? Lmao. Good luck with the project.


I bet a lot of people will say “nooo don’t snitch omg” because they’re immature children, but in my opinion, it is a good idea to tell your professor this info about Bella. It Bella doesn’t want to take the class seriously, that’s on her.

The minute someone is cheating on a GROUP PROJECT is the minute it becomes your problem, and I feel that you’re more than justified in telling your professor. She chose to broke the rules lol, shouldn’t be taking an AP if she can’t take the heat, the rest of her career is not your problem. That is the way I see it.


YTA. Don’t be a narc, man. It’s a freaking high school class, who cares?


NTA. Cheating hurts everyone.

So, do you think the OP would wrong for telling on their classmate for using AI to complete their schoolwork?

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