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Woman calls brother out at party, tells everyone his 'art' is all created by AI. AITA?

Woman calls brother out at party, tells everyone his 'art' is all created by AI. AITA?


'AITA for calling out my brothers AI 'art''


Context: Hey, I (28f) am an illustrator. I have been drawing for years and also teach part time as an art tutor at an art school for children. So this basically hurts me at my core.

Story: A few months ago my brother (40m) started to use AI to make some pictures. It’s his thing now. Our mother thinks it all looks so amazing and doesn’t understand how little skill goes into these pictures.

Yesterday she celebrated her birthday and got another picture from him. It was a big celebration and she showed it to all her friends, telling everyone what an amazing artist my brother is. I said that she should mention this is AI generated and to stop telling people he made it himself.

She then turned around and told my brother to explain how he 'creates art' by using AI. He sheepishly tried to explain how he puts words into an AI generator and the hard work is to find the correct phrasing, so it creates what you want. That is really what he said. It’s challenging to find the rights words.

I am now 'a hater' and should appreciate my brother's efforts.

AITA for calling out my brothers sham? Especially in front of the guests. There was no scene and I didn’t shout. The celebration was not interrupted. We all just talked while snacking at the table and this was what I said when my mother showed the picture off.

I did not stand up on my chair and loudly proclaimed my hate against AI. People were taken aback tho by my 'criticism', because my mom was so chirpy about the picture. I guess no one was expecting anything but praise in that moment.

Btw. at this point this is not just family stuff, he started to try to sell his AI created pictures as well at least a few weeks ago.

Edit: My mother was aware that it was an AI generated picture. I did not destroy her joy of the gift she received. I am 'a hater', because I explained to the guests that my brother does not deserve 100% credit to the picture basically.

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NTA good on you for doing that. AI 'art' is built on and trained by stolen works and it's absolutely not cool of your brother to be selling it.


Very much. AI art generators are programmed with styles of work from artists all over the world. So it essentially takes away a legitimate artist's livelihood when a jackass like OP's brother try to sell it as his art. NTA, OP.


NTA. The idiots who vote for Y T A are absolutely not an Artist because of how much they praise AI art.

As an artist myself it boils my blood that this AI generated arts are f*cking stolen from millions of art images off of the internet. No person who type in simple words to this AI apps will ever be an Artist. Period.

They didn't learn and value Art as all the artists did. What these AI apps are teaching is its okay for people to be lazy, lie, steal and piggyback off of another's artists hard work because its just there. They can illegally copy every million arts off the internet and stitch it together to make a new beautiful art.

Anyways, f*ck people who defend AI arts. Also just straight up tell your brother he's a thief because that's what users of AI art apps do..😑


NTA. AI Art is cool and all, but claiming it as your own, lying about how hard it is to phrase out different tags and ideas isn't hard at all.

So, do you think the OP is really being 'a hater' and her brother using AI actually makes him a legitimate artist or do you think he need to be called out?

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