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Woman complains about service dog on plane; is annoyed they get moved to first class.

Woman complains about service dog on plane; is annoyed they get moved to first class.


Every dog has its day.

Allergies are a serious concern and service dogs are sometimes a debated topic. But, if this man's story is to be believed, this was not one of those cases and one puppy got a taste of the sweet life.

Benefactor of a malicious compliance got me a first class upgrade


Yes I know people have legitimate allergies. Don't nit pick this story, the woman may have had allergies, but they only popped up when it was convenient). This was in 2000. I was traveling with my service dog and my family. We had seats in the back of the plane.

At the check in, entitled business class ticket holder Karen spotted my service dog, went up to the desk, and demanded we be bumped off the flight because she was 'highly allergic' to dogs.

She began wheezing, sneezing and gasping on cue. ( Side note: we had been sitting within 2 feet of her for over an hour. My dog was under my chair, as he was trained to do. She spotted him when he came out to get water).

The csr stated he would be happy to bump HER to a later flight. Karen pitched a fit (forgetting she needed to cough, wheeze and sneeze). Karen requested a supervisor.

Supervisor came, listened to her, and stated that if she wanted to stay on this flight, they would do everything in their power to move the seating so that my dog was as far away from her and her family as possible. She agreed.

She and her family got moved to the back row. My family got put in the empty first class, where my dog got his own seat. ( yes, they covered the seat with a blanket and I put my coat on it as well to keep fur off. )

Here is what people thought of this story:


Ferengi rule of Acquisition #60 'Keep your lies consistent.'


Well, what a good boy!


Not everyone likes dogs, some people are deathly afraid of them, some are highly allergic to them. I'm simply expressing my opinion. Why are you being a d*ck?


I'm allergic to dogs, cats and birds. I still would NEVER pitch a fit about a service animal. Simply pop a benadryl and make the best of it.


Do you think this can happen today too? Or do you think this was a gone-by era 2000? Nice story and glad it came out this way for you and Liddy.

Do you think the airline made the right call in this situation or was the woman right to complain for the sake of her own health?

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