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Man gets revenge on 'rude' plane passenger by letting his toddler scream for 90 minutes.

Man gets revenge on 'rude' plane passenger by letting his toddler scream for 90 minutes.


AITA for letting my son scream on a plane for ninety minutes?

On a six hour flight my wife and I had our son (1.5 years old) as a lap infant. He was having a really challenging time- he wouldn’t sleep, sit still, or be calmed by all the tricks we had up our sleeves. In addition to this he was teething. The guy in the seat in front of us kept getting his seat bumped by the kiddo and kept giving me the half turn + side eye.

Eventually at about 5 hours he turn to me and asked me to control my kid. I replied, ‘we’re doing our best’ he repeated that you ‘need to control your kid’, I kept trying to explain we’re doing everything we can. I feeling snarky and exhausted, “I will relay the message to our son”

The guy started going off on me, probably picking up on my jest. I told him again that we’re doing our best and that if had a problem we should call the flight attendant to sort his issue out. He refused to do this. And kept arguing with me for a bit.

My non combative wife was mortified and I was angry. So to maliciously comply with the gentlemen I held our kid still on my lap facing this gentleman’s seat and my son then screamed for the remaining 90 minutes of the flight. I hoped that the gentleman preferred his fate of loud screams over a few bumps on his chair.

Am I as asshole for weaponizing my toddlers screaming?

Here's what people had to say:

Professional_Froyo34 writes:

YTA and this is why people complain about children flying. Instead of trying to calm the situation you escalated it. You also made everybody’s life absolutely miserable. Including your child’s.

StretchNormal2833 writes:

YTA you made the whole plane suffer because one guy was a bit nasty and you also made your own son suffer for 90 minutes rather than trying to calm him down. Just so you could be petty to one dude....oh my

ladynox25 writes:

When our 18 mth old was overtired on an international flight and wouldn’t sleep, my husband and I took turns taking her to the bathroom, so that our neighbors could have some peace and quiet. YTA

majesticgoatsparkles writes:

What in the entitled f*ck, OP. I’ve taken kids on planes. I know it isn’t easy. But when your kid is being like this you should go out your way to be considerate of others however you can. Say you apologize. Buy them a drink. But don’t act like they are the AHs for not being thrilled that a trip they paid good money for is being spent with your precious child kicking their seat and telling.

YTA. And for good measure will say it again. YTA

marigoldilocks_ writes:

I have tons of empathy for babies on flights. They don’t understand why their ears hurt. They don’t get the pressure changes. They don’t understand the confinement. But 6.5 hours is unreasonable.

Didn’t ask the flight attendant if they could stand or walk with the baby? They didn’t ask if the FA knew any tricks for helping soothe an inconsolable baby on a flight? They just went, not hungry… won’t sleep… just gonna scream. Oh well.

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