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'My GF wants to bring a stranger's books on our flight, I told her it's a bad idea.' UPDATED

'My GF wants to bring a stranger's books on our flight, I told her it's a bad idea.' UPDATED


There are times when you need a chorus of strangers to put a decision into perspective.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for shutting down his GF's idea to "transport" a stranger's children's book on an international flight. He wrote:

"My girlfriend wants to bring a total stranger's children books on our flight back, I told her it's a very bad idea and wont touch the book, she calls me heartless and paranoid. AITA?"

We are flying to Scandinavia for vocation from Spain, and my girlfriend offered to help a stranger in a expat Facebook group to bring a children book back for their niece who forgot it.

I told her that I would never bring a stranger's items on a international flight, and would not touch that book and it has to go in her hand baggage. She called me heartless and paranoid. I managed to dig up tons of articles of dr*gs and other items smuggled in books. She is now mad and says she will rather go to jail to believe in kindness that to share my paranoia and negativity.

Even though these countries are not known for these things I would never take the risk. I told her to ask her to post it. I told her if she wants to help, tell her to post the book and we can pay for the shipping, I offered to pay half. It would also arrive much faster than in 1-2 weeks when we are back. She told me she is not going to do that and it's a stupid idea. Now she is mad just before our vacation. AITAH?

People were quick to add their comments and questions.

FatBloke4 wrote:


The request makes no sense. Sending a book from Scandinavia to Spain (with insurance) isn't going to cost a fortune. Why make all the fuss to have a stranger take it in their luggage? This is shady af.

Airport security are likely to ask your gf if she is carrying anything for anyone else and customs at the other end may do the same. I don't understand why your gf is so worked up about this - it's weird. If I were you, I would report the guy from FB and his request to the local police.

Soooozie-ka-you wrote:

The fact that she said it was a stupid idea to mail It makes me think she may have a reason for NOT wanting it mailed either.

HappyDoggos wrote:

Many people believe we live in a “just world” where good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people. It’s a naive and childish perspective on life, IMO. Not that the opposite is true, but there’s very little rhyme or reason to justice in life. This is just my half century of observations on life.

The girlfriend is likely someone that wants to believe in the inherent goodness of all people. It’s sweet, but naive. This is going to be a hard lesson for her when she gets pulled aside by security and possibly charged with possession of drugs for carrying an object from a stranger onto a plane.

flindersandtrim wrote:

It's pretty weird to go to these lengths for a standard kid's book. Easier to buy another one than enlist a stranger going to the same place to track it down, pack it in their luggage, then return it to the owner.

The only exception would be if it's a valuable first edition of a classic or some other valuable children's book. In which case the natural thing to do is contact the place you lost it, ask them to post it and pay the cost.

willowviolet wrote:

Is "the book" packaged up already, or can you page through it? Never, ever, ever travel with a parcel from a stranger. And really, it is very weird that a stranger would entrust a package with you and then give out the private address of their niece. None of those actions make sense. Why NOT post it? NTA. Your GF is being extremely gullible to the point that I'm wondering how she made it this far in life.

Later that day, OP posted an update:

Hello, thank you everyone for your replies! I read them out loud to her. She has agreed to not accept the book.

In the words of my girlfriend, "The world sucks" because you can't do kind acts for others because there are sh$%ty people that take advantage of that. That is where her frustration stems from. We are all good now, she apologized, and laughed at some of the comments ("Have you considered if she is a spy?" LOL).

Also glad some other commenters said they learned something, including me, and thank you for those that pointed out it was good intentions. Overall I love that she is this thoughtful and it comes from a good place but then she also agrees that she can also be gullible. Also glad to see the normal "dump her" comments, never change Reddit.

TIL you can lace pages with dr*gs. Take care out there everyone, thank you!

PS: In her words "Good she has me who hangs out on Reddit." LOL.

The internet was relieved to read the update.

rietveldrefinement wrote:

I used to have some kind of that tendency to very much want to do “something helpful” at my risk. But the first rule of doing any good intentioned things is “protect yourself first”. You won’t control other ppls intentions. That’s why you assume people are not nice to start with.

goodformuffin wrote:

It's possible to do kind things! Every Christmas I spend as much as I can on toys and clothes for needy kids, donating time to animal shelters is kind. There's tons of kindness groups all over the planet. Please tell her to not let it burst her beautiful bubble.

Souvenirs_Indiscrets wrote:

Hey thanks for letting us know. And it sounds like you handled the situation well. You’re working as a team now, even when there’s a bump in the road. Good on you. Have fun!

pallladin wrote:

"because you can't do kind acts for others."

She can do acts of kindness for others. Taking some book from a random guy on a plane is not an act of kindness. It is an act of stupidity. If she wants to do kindness, there are thousands of safe and intelligent opportunities for her every day.

Luckily, this seems to have peacefully resolved.

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