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'AITA for being angry that my wife's anxiety forced us to be 5 hours early at the airport?'

'AITA for being angry that my wife's anxiety forced us to be 5 hours early at the airport?'


"AITA for being angry my wife's anxiety forced us to be 5 hours early at the airport?"

So, we are flying to Poland from Heathrow this morning at 6:45. We had booked an airport hotel 15mins drive from the airport. My wife is a bit neurotic about travel and decided we needed to be at the airport for 2am at the latest. So here we are.

The problem is, security and bag drop doesn't open until 4:30. And we have a four year old daughter.

We have a car five minutes away in the car park we could be sat in, but she refuses and wants to stay in the terminal. So we are all sat on the floor and trying to keep a four year old occupied at 3:30am in an empty terminal building where everything is closed except for one coffee shop.

We could be in a nice comfy hotel room a 15min drive away right now, that we paid for. And our daughter could be sleeping. But no. Her anxiety dictates everything. I am pissed off, she says I'm overreacting. AITA?

Here's what people had to say:

HazelnutHotchoc writes:

I'm like this. I just want to be there, and hate last minute rushes, or problems. So I carry on letting my husband do most of the planning and follow his lead. He gets us wherever it is, nice and early but not too stupidly early. And I get to have a nice coffee or something, win win.

Oh and I'm also getting help for all the 'what ifs' and such stuff. Maybe your wife needs to do the same, it'll take time though. Oh and airport hotels are amazing, really helped me chill tf out and stay fairly calm on our last trip 🤣, because technically we were already there 🤣.

Threatening-Bamboo OP responded:

That's what I was hoping as well, that we'd get to chill out. Looks like she is coming around to the idea that this was a mistake, so hopefully it won't happen again.

ZookeepergameNo7151 writes:

NTA, I'm all for being at the airport early to allow for any security shenanigans so that I can still get through ok without worrying about missing the flight... But 5 hours early when bag drop isn't even open?? That's insane (no offense to your wife). Getting there literally just as security and bag drop opened at 0430 is more than enough time

Visible-Scientist-46 writes:

Personally think she needs the reality check and counseling. My rant about my husband doing this here:

Doomhammer24 writes:

Reminds me of how the recommended way to deal with someone else having OCD is #1 thing DO NOT GO ALONG WITH IT. You aren't supposed to play along. Because giving in just actually makes it worse. It aggravates it and allows for escalation

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