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Woman refuses to move for man who wants to 'sit with family,' flight attendant steps in.

Woman refuses to move for man who wants to 'sit with family,' flight attendant steps in.


Nothing adds to the stress of flying quite like an awkward social interaction with someone you'll be stuck in the air with for hours.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for not letting a guy sit next to his family on a flight. She wrote:

"AITA for not letting a guy sit next to his family on a flight?"

I (22f) was on a flight yesterday and noticed someone in my seat. A man (40s?m) was sitting next to his wife and daughter. I kindly asked him to move as he was sitting in the seat I specifically booked and paid more for (I'm mostly comfortable sitting in aisle seats). He refused to move and told me to move to his seat which was a middle seat.

I told him I don't do middle seats and he got mad telling me over and over again that he was sitting next to family and that the airline had messed up his seating. A flight attendant came over and "forced" him to move to his seat.

Here's why I feel like the AH: It was a very short flight (less than two hours) and his daughter looked really sad that her dad wouldn't be sitting near even though she had her mother sitting there with her. They were also giving me dirty looks throughout the whole flight. So, am I the AH?

Redditors jumped on to respond.

AvidLearning wrote:

NTA. You booked a specific seat for a reason. They could have booked other seats. It was a short flight, so even if the little girl was sad, it's not like she was without her dad for a long period of time. This is also just part of life, she had her mother there, she was fine. Don't let them get to you OP. You did nothing wrong.

OP responded:

Thanks. The little girl really got to me she looked really sad and it made me feel like a huge ah :/

ThrowRA_oddcat wrote:

NTA, it was your seat. He knew when he checked in that they won’t be all seated to each other so he should have spoken to them before boarding to try and change all 3 seats to be next to each other.

Plus as you said it’s not a long flight and less than two hours so nothing dramatic or urgent that they can’t survive if not seated to him, plus his rude entitled demanding tone guaranteed that no one in your place would agree.

Tal_Tos_72 wrote:

NTA. As to the daughter, I'd look sad too to realize my dumba$$ father hasn't figured out how to reserve seating yet...

Carma56 wrote:

NTA. You paid for that particular seat. Even if you had just been randomly assigned it, you still would be NTA because this clown was trying to force you to take a middle seat instead of an aisle seat. He knew better. He knew he was giving you the worse seat. He was just hoping you didn’t care or more likely, didn’t have the spine to stand up to him about it.

OP is NTA here, even though the little girl really gave her the sad eyes.

Sources: Reddit
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