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Woman yelled at for eating peanut butter on plane; responds, 'that really sucks.' AITA?

Woman yelled at for eating peanut butter on plane; responds, 'that really sucks.' AITA?


"AITA for my reaction to a man who yelled at me about his allergies?"

I’m a relatively small woman and I was having a really bad day traveling for work. Nothing went correctly and I was on my last leg, exhausted & starving. I opened a small travel peanut butter and some crackers on my flight. The man next to me started freaking out as he is allergic to peanuts.

He was getting louder and louder and I had not said a word… just looked at him with wide eyes while he continued to berate me. He screamed that I should know better than to eat peanut butter in public, let alone, on a plane or etc. He never even gave me the opportunity to say “oh, sorry, I’ll put it away.”

When he finally stopped yelling, expecting me to say something, the stewardess was now standing next to him and every eye on the plane was on me.

So, I just said “yeah, that really sucks you are allergic, let me know where your epi pen is so I can stab you with it…. {pause} …. You know, so I can save your life.” I didn’t know what to say and I was embarrassed but I had had enough… am I the AH…?

Here's what people had to say to OP:

Tony M.

You are allowed to eat peanut butter in public, but if the man next to you, makes you aware (kindly or not) that he is allergic, the polite thing to do would be put them away.

Kelly P.

He lost the right to a polite response when he yelled at her.

Meagan M.

Not sure what your physical appearance had to do with this tale. YTA

Andrea T.

You're not an AH but eating a common allergen where the SMELL can kill a person is AH behavior.

Sami S.

yeah you should know to not eat PB on the plane. that’s the most common allergy.

Elsie D.

they freaking serve peanuts on planes

Imani L.

I’m deathly allergic to kiwi. If I was on a plane, far from medical treatment, I would be terrified if the person next to me started slicing a kiwi. And I do carry an epi pen but I’d still be terrified. So YTA for your response. I would have immediately put it away and apologized.

Megan L.

NTA. I have a friend with a deadly allergy to peanuts and she alerts the airline ahead of time when she flies. They make an announcement about a nut free flight. If he were that allergic he would have done the same.

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