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18 employees share their craziest story of a coworker getting fired or quitting.

18 employees share their craziest story of a coworker getting fired or quitting.


Quitting a job in the middle of a shift without a two weeks notice if often a fantasy reserved for daydreaming while an entitled customers screams at you...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the craziest story of someone at your company quitting or being fired?' people were ready to share the day at the office they'll definitely never forget.


Mine was pretty simple but hilarious. Big box retail electronics store. All hands meeting, so probably 60ish employees.

Management fired a guy right before the meeting (seems like a dumb decision), and before he walked out, he stood up in front of the crowd and said 'Well I'm going to miss you all. These idiots fired me because they think I've been stealing stuff, and well I haven't!'

Right then an iPod touch came tumbling out of his hoodie's pocket and hit the floor. Sealed in a box with the company's inventory and antitheft stickers still on it. - fanta_is_nazi_soda


A coworker at an IT company took a sh*t in a bowl, placed it in a microwave, set it for 99 minutes and left. The microwave was no longer suitable for use and the smell got us the rest of the day off. - thebightwoo


We had a guy work with us for about a year. It was his first job out of college. When his contract ended, he sent a pretty standard goodbye email (it was nice working with all of you, here is my personal email, blah blah blah).

Except he sent it to everyone. In the entire 20k+ employee company. We assumed it was some stupid accident, but apparently he did it on purpose thinking it was standard protocol to email the CEO and everyone else to say goodbye. - anormalgeek


I work in a call center that has a tendency to hire from the bottom of the barrel. Anyway, my supervisor wouldn't let one of the representatives go home early.

She was pissed so she went into her purse, got a dildo and proceeded to hit the supervisor over the head with it. So yea, she was let go.

Same coworker had thrown temper tantrums previously because they wouldn't let her leave early. She once faked a heart-attack and when the paramedics came, she miraculously regained feeling in her arm. - Erin_woah


A coworker once left a company MacBook Pro in the bathroom of a Starbucks, but that's not why he got fired. He got fired for leaving a company MacBook Pro in the bathroom of a Starbucks a second time. - SonOfPlinkett


My former boss told me of a guy who went to grab a coffee from Tim Hortons (which is about 100 feet away) and never came back. - [deleted]


Had a co-worker who was into arm wrestling. We're talking arm wrestling competitions and everything. He would take anybody on, and almost always won. Most people just stayed pretty far away from him, he's pretty nuts.

The cleaning crew didn't know how nuts he was, as they only came in at night, shortly before the regular employees left.

Our arm wrestling buddy was working one night when the cleaning crew arrived. I was on the sales floor by myself. The store is quiet. All of a sudden, there is an audible POP that comes from the backroom, and seconds later, one of the cleaning crew comes running onto the floor, crying and clutching his dislocated elbow.

Arm wrestling buddy comes out a second later. 'I feel bad for the guy, but he had terrible form. Never saw him again. - antoniusmilo


The CEO of a company I was working for was convinced an employee was stealing. Asked me to write a falsified affidavit claiming I witnessed it, told me to find a new job when I refused to. - Ankleshank


A co-worker of mine lost her mother. She was on the floor at work when she got the call, management sent her home and since I was standing right the f*ck there I heard him say to her 'Take all the time you need, we'll figure it out.' Yeah they fired her for taking time off. - kawakunai


One guy I worked with had worked with the company for almost ten years. When he decided to quit, he got a big cardboard box and filled it with packing peanuts. Deep at the bottom of the box, under all those packing peanuts, he left a note that simply said, 'I quit.' - McCyanide


We had one employee come in with his cell phone to talk to our boss. Our boss talked to the employee's mother who told our boss he could not work that evening because he was too sick to work - totemdeath


A girl at my work was fired for never showing up except for employee appreciation events that involved free food. She showed up to one after being fired and had to be escorted off the premises by security because she refused to leave. - punkterminator


Work at papa johns. Dude quit because he wanted to go home to poop and boss wouldn't let him - captainobvious254


This was my dad's company rather than mine, but it's a good enough story that it's worth sharing anyway.

The boss goes into the office of one of my dad's co-workers to discuss some kind of technical issue. They disagree about the proper corrective measure, it escalates into a screaming match, and the boss fires the co-worker on the spot. Tells him to take his sh*t and get the f*ck out.

The co-worker comes back the next morning, just like nothing happened. Nobody's really sure what's going on, and since the boss had to go out of town for a meeting, they can't get ahold of him to ask.

He doesn't seem to be causing any problems, though, so they just kind of do their thing and leave him alone. The co-worker keeps coming in and doing work, and a couple of days later, the boss walks past his door and does a double-take. 'Co-worker, didn't I fire you?'

Without looking up from his desk, the co-worker replies, 'You can't fire me - I have too much work to do.' The boss thinks about that for a minute, shrugs, and walks off. Dude kept working there for another couple of years after that. - The_Year_of_Glad


Many years ago an architect in my firm hooked up with a secretary after a party. One thing lead to another, and they end up hooking up on the main conference table in the center of the office in the middle of the night.

The next day, the architect is confronted by the head of security who had CCTV footage of the event which he threatened to reveal to the firm leadership. Instead of being blackmailed, the architect went directly to the leadership himself. The head of security was fired immediately. - Brit-Yank


Lee was such a baller. His first restaurant job serving was at a Red Lobster (worked with him at his fourth restaurant job, coworkers who worked with him confirmed the story). They were criminally understaffed for a weekend night due to scheduling issues and mgmt being a bunch of d*cks.

One of the managers was laying in to him, talking shit/down to him and micromanaging like a Cal Trans Supervisor instead of doing something productive.

It only took a single threat of giving him 'another write-up' early in the night for Lee to drop a handful of dishes on the ground mid-rush, flip the bird, say 'F*ck you, I quit!' and walk out the door. But before he did, he grabbed the wait-list - the only wait-list - which quoted the current wait time at 2.5 hours for 40+ parties.

Baller, right? That's not enough for Lee. He came back ten minutes before closing with a party of 17 to celebrate his freedom. Mgmt had to give out so many 'Complimentary Entree' vouchers - basically all 40 or so parties only paid for their drinks that night - that the manager had to take the party to break even and serve them two hours past closing.

Normally, that'd piss everyone off and deserve your food being f*cked with, but Lee kept inviting people to join him and enjoy drinks on him after their shift. Lee was such a baller. - Th3Novelist


I got my first job in high school working for a Ryan's Steakhouse that was going to open soon. We had to do training everyday for a few hours the week before it opened.

Management knew that I had school and didn't get out until 3:15 but still demanded I be there at 3pm every day to train. I was able to do this for a few days since not much was going on at school so they thought it wouldn't be a problem for me to come in at 3 all the time.

Well, come soft opening day they demanded I be there at 3pm. I told them school was first at I finish when they ring the bell at 3:15 plus the 15 minute drive from my school so the earliest I would be there is 3:30. They said be there at 3 or be docked.

I showed up at 3:30 like I said and handed them my uniform and name tag and told them I'm not going to piss on my education for $7 an hour. The other servers and preppers had a look of 'Wtf are you doing!? You're f*cking us all!'

I bumped into a couple of them a week later and turns out I gave about half the courage to do the same. That Ryans steakhouse shut down a year later, bad management. - success_whale


I used to work a huge bank that all of you have definitely heard of. Well during some layoffs, someone, no one knows who, sh*t on their managers desk. yes, shit on his desk. during the next round of layoff (layoffs are pretty regular at banks), someone, no one knows who, shit on his desk again. In this man's professional career, he has had his desk sh*t on twice.Though I didn't know who did it either time, that's my best getting fired story. - [deleted]


A vp at my company caught wind that she was going to be fired. Her secretary told her that the higher ups were on their way. The vp told her secretary that she was going to the bathroom. After waiting for 30 minutes they had someone check the bathroom. The VP never went to the bathroom. She went home to try to avoid being fired. - drshmoo

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