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21 employees reveal the thing 'that annoying coworker' won't stop doing lately.

21 employees reveal the thing 'that annoying coworker' won't stop doing lately.


Sharing a workspace with other people can be a hilarious nightmare of clashing personalities, tension-fueled collaborations, and gossip-riddled post-work happy hours...

So, when a Reddit user asked the wonderful world of internet strangers about their most annoying coworker right now, employees everywhere took advantage of the safe space to spill the tea. Sorry, Melissa, but everyone knows that you've been hooking up with Fred in the kitchen on Taco Tuesdays for months.


He has an amazing quality. He will come to me for help, and ask me a question. Whilst answering the question he will mirror what I'm saying.

By the end of the conversation he will repeat the solution back to me and ask me: 'Right, have you got that now?' I've never seen anything like it. - fannymcslap


Sips (slurps) coffee and goes Ahhhhh loudly. Every. Freakin. Time. Forgot to mention, the travel mug he drinks from has some sort of pressure valve that squeals every time he takes a drink. - [deleted]


Leg's f*cking infuriating. We have connected table/spacers, and I've even separated the desks but I'm still constantly vibrating. He's brought down books, name tobelerones, nothing is safe. I can't even have a glass of water on my desk without feeling like I'm in Jurassic Park. - [deleted]


First my boss will email me a task. Then he'll call me on the way into the office about the same task. Then he'll stop in my office when gets there about the same damn task! EVERY. DAMN. DAY. - headsortailz


Say 'oooh yeah killin it' every twelve seconds - t5runner


He says 'currently right now.' Never just 'currently' or 'right now' or even 'at this time', but 'currently right now.' - hereuntilnow


She doesn't type like a normal person. She smashes the keys like they killed her family - I_AM__Cthulhu


'Halfway there! it's humpday!' Every. Single. F*cking. Wednesday. - CuntyMcGiggles


Wants to be the shop martyr. Volunteers for (very) minor projects and constantly keeps everyone updated with her amazing progress. Is negative. Always turns conversation to herself.

Gossips. Is f*cking amazing because she completes tasks that are basic parts of our job description and makes sure we all know it.

Expects medals for volunteering to work; calls in to see if we 'really need her.' Has a Tinkerbell tattoo. Obsessed with Disney. I could go on. - [deleted]


Close talker with coffee breath, who doesnt let you leave the conversation... Dayam!!! - Wipwip


She's just oblivious to why she's a sh*tty employee. She takes days off because she drinks too much. She disappears for hours while on the clock. She doesn't understand the business, and I clean up her mistakes.

Her boss criticizes her for these things, and she starts crying because she's in a constant state of 'going through a lot right now.' - PointMeAtTheSky_


Used to have a colleague that would listen to one song on loop the whole day every day. The song changed once in a while. For a week it was Jason Mraz - straydog1980


He doesn't get my social cues of when I want to end a conversation. I've started to get pretty blatant now, turning my back and starting to type an email, etc. but it doesn't seem to get it.

One time I started walking down the corridor to the kitchen to end the conversation and he decided to get up and follow me down, continuing to talk all the way! - Neeerdlinger


My wife has an annoying co-worker that uses that fake spray tan stuff. We're not sure if it's a nervous tick or what, but she likes to rub the side of her face against door jambs and corners if she is leaning against it while talking to you. Their office is full of orange patches about 5 1/2 feet up from the ground. - [deleted]


Calls people on speakerphone so we can all hear it! We work in cubicle rows. EVERY DAY! - MrsSwimmer


Constantly wanting to switch shifts, and take off holidays using her kids as an excuse. I get it you want to be there for your kids, but I have a life and a family as well. - [deleted]


Being late all the f*cking time; I just worked 3rd shift, I'm tired and hungry, I'd like to go home now. - XVermillion


This comes up all the time. But please, for the love of f*ck... clip your goddamn toe/fingernails AT HOME. - GreatBabu


Has an ego so big that it is slowly pulling the moon out of orbit to circle around her instead. She is a head teacher for our child students, believes the sun shines out of her a*s, and if we're not doing things her way down to the tiniest detail, then we're not doing it right.

Also pulled this one on me: 'In my past life, I was an aboriginal Australian. We danced around Uluru. Your favorite colour is blue, right? Then your aura colour is red.'

She reminds me a lot of Dolores Umbridge, actually. Everything she owns is pink and adorable and constantly has the mindset of 'my way is best for everyone.' - biscuity


I sit next to a woman who is not content unless she is complaining. Truly, those who do not sit near her do not believe me, but it is true.

She is a newly appointed office assistant to a VP and thinks that she should be included in every meeting, every trip and every idea that the VP has. For the past four weeks, she has been loudly complaining about not having a color printer and having to walk down to the big color printer just like everyone else.

Did I mention she curses all the time, yells at the phone when people 'talk back to her' and asks if they know who she is?

Oh yes, and when people are having a conversation with me, she listens in and chimes in whenever she damn well pleases. She is the worst human being I have ever sat next to at work. - bluerazz_


Prints. Every. F*cking. Thing. All day long. From the moment he gets here until the moment he leaves. Receives an email? Print it. Sends an email? Prints it. Googles something? PRINTS THE RESULTS PAGE. - Cweid

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