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5 People Having A Bad Week

5 People Having A Bad Week


These 5 celebs want July to bring them a fresh restart.

5. Bronny James because people are applying the nepo baby tag on him.

Okay, getting drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers does not qualify as having a bad week. However, Bronny James being drafted 55th overall to the Lakers is arguably a possibility mainly because his father is LeBron James. If Bronny had any other last name, the reality would probably be that he goes undrafted, and a team might sign him to a summer league squad to evaluate him further.

However, because his dad is still one of the best players in the league, even though he's approaching 40 years old, Bronny now has a solid path to staying on a roster (as long as his dad is on one). This is a level of stability that most players drafted in the 2nd round don't have.

The situation is comparable to Thanasis Antetokounmpo, who is the brother of NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, both of the Milwaukee Bucks. For years, it's been obvious that Thanasis' entire career serves as an insurance policy to keep Giannis happy and unwilling to leave the Bucks.

The stigma of being a "nepo baby" will follow Bronny throughout his career in the NBA if he isn't able to establish himself without his father's influence. Some have come to Bronny's defense, including NBA insider Woj, who said, "The NBA is full of nepotism." Get 'em, Woj! Who's argument is essentially, why is everyone mad at one person benefiting from nepotism when everyone is doing it?

While Woj isn't wrong that coaching staffs, front offices, and rosters all dip into the nepotism pool, this is the first instance of a current player influencing a team to draft his son and keep him on the roster. While it is a rare instance, the optics aren't great, even if it's happening elsewhere in the NBA.

4. Matthew Stafford because his wife Kelly admitted to dating one of his backups in college while at the University of Georgia to make him jealous.

Kelly went on the "Off the Vine" podcast, where she admitted to dating former University of Georgia QB Joe Cox to make Matthew Stafford jealous. That's when the troll floodgates opened as people sprinted to her social pages to just straight up be mean to her.

Kelly seemingly was over it when she commented on a picture of her and Matthew at a concert together, saying, "Realizing how many insecure men there are out there.. so grateful I married the complete opposite." She then turned off comments on her post so that none of the trolls could comment on her page.

It's totally fair that Kelly is tired of the trolls coming for her. Also, very happy for her that it seems like her plan to make Matt jealous in college by dating Joe Cox worked out. Additionally, it may also show that Matt is maybe a bit insecure if the jealousy plot worked on him.

3. Vin Diesel because Paul Walter Hauser took some shots at his work ethic.

Paul is calling out Vin Diesel's attitude on set. The Emmy winner ripped Diesel, saying he has no interest in being compared to Vin Diesel as he'd like to be seen as "on time and approachable." The two were being compared for their voice-acting work as PWH just did "Inside Out 2" and his performance was compared to Diesel's work as Groot in the 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

The real kicker is that Paul and Diesel have never worked together, as Paul's Diesel slander is based on gossip and hearsay. PWH also said, "Sorry, I love people, but when I hear stories about Hollywood actors who get paid really well and mistreat people, I out them constantly. And it's a blast."

Paul isn't the only notable actor to have beef with Vin. In 2016, The Rock suggested in an interview that Vin didn't act professionally during productions. However, The Rock still returned to the Fast franchise in 2023 and seems to be willing to return for future iterations of the movie.

2. Zedd because he's being harassed by a woman.

A woman is allegedly impersonating the DJ and showing up at his home demanding to speak with him. On Thursday, Zedd got a court to file a temporary restraining order against Rezwan Senobarian. The woman allegedly impersonated him by phone and email.

She has shown up at his Encino home multiple times, acting erratically, and is not stopping at just harassing Zedd. His staff is also subject to her harassment. The restraining order may not be the final solution as the order will lift over time. Zedd may want to see if he can get his legal team to make the order permanent.

1. Katy Perry because people are upset she's working with Dr. Luke on an album about women's empowerment.

Katy announced that she was teaming up with super producer Dr. Luke in the midst of the producer's alleged sexual misconduct allegations that Kesha has made against him. While walking to her car in Paris, someone asked Perry about the seemingly counterintuitive nature of making an album about women's empowerment.

Katy ignored the question and kept moving, but it seems that Katy is keeping her lips sealed on Dr. Luke. While Dr. Luke has vehemently denied the allegations, Perry hasn't shared her opinion or defended the producer. Kesha has taken to X to seemingly voice her opinion on it, as she just tweeted "lol" in what seems to be a reference to the Katy/Luke collaboration.

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