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'A woman tipped me $300 because she thinks she's getting raptured to heaven April 8th.' UPDATED 2X'

'A woman tipped me $300 because she thinks she's getting raptured to heaven April 8th.' UPDATED 2X'


It's best to not bite the hand that feeds you, even if that hand seems a bit misguided.

"A woman tipped me $300 because she thinks she's going to heaven on April 8th."

A woman came to our restaurant the other day with a friend, she was nice but kept trying to proselytize to me. She tipped $300 on a $40 bill and wrote on the receipt "in case you don't rise on the 8th." I've heard the same thing from some of my family members, these people genuinely think they're going to rise into heaven on April 8th.

The comments came rushing in.

mjohnsimon wrote:

Careful OP. Had something similar happen to a friend back in 2012. Some old person gave my friend a $200 tip because he thought the world was going to end. A few weeks later, the dude came back and demanded the money (made a scene and everything). When he was told no and to get lost, he threatened to come back later to sh00t him for "r*bbing him blind."

They laughed it off but the guy came back again like a week later. Thankfully, he didn't try anything, but it was quite tense and the cops were almost involved. In this day and age where these morons feel that they have nothing to lose, I'd be careful.

Silvaria928 wrote:

Well, at least her proselytizing paid handsomely for you. Hopefully she won't want it back on the 9th...

OP responded:

I get paid on Friday, the restaurant would refuse to return the tip because it won't be their money anymore. But yeah, definitely paid off. It was just usual Christian s**t except more imminent, like "everyone who accepts Jesus as their lord will rise into heaven on April 8th, you can still repent for your sins."

Normally, I would've made a joke about how I definitely accept him as a chef (we have a line cook named Jesus) not as the lord, but I didn't feel like getting stiffed.

warhammerfrpgm wrote:

Don't disagree with her. Try to find her similarly wealthy religious friends and get money from them as well. It sounds like they want to give it away, so you are merely helping.

OP responded:

Yeah, I usually do disagree with them, but now I realize I definitely need to just stay silent or agree whenever I get those types of people.

Higher_Perspectiva wrote:

April 8th?! Intriguing…why that date though?

OP responded:

There's a solar eclipse on Monday.

dakonofrath wrote:

Watch her try to get the money back on April 9th when she doesn't rise.

OP responded:

Unlucky for her, I get paid Friday.

Yosho2k wrote:

What happens if she disputes the credit card charge?

OP responded:

It doesn’t matter. The restaurant already got paid by the credit card company, that’s how a credit card works, the credit card company pays and then you pay them back when you pay your credit card bill. So if she disputes it, it’s between her, Jesus and the credit card company.

Two days later, OP shared an update.

I'm a server at a taco restaurant in Florida. Last weekend, we had a woman come in that tipped me $300 on a $40 bill. I made a post about this. As I was getting into work, I saw her at a table with a guy (presumably her bf or husband) and she was being served by one of my coworkers. He knew she was the $300 tipper but didn't give her any special treatment.

According to my coworker, she kept asking if he was Christian, to which he said no, and then she started talking about how awful it'll be after the Rapture (which she thinks is on April 8th, this Monday) for sinners left on Earth. My coworker said that he thinks he'll do fine (he was kinda vying for the tip so he didn't want to contradict her belief).

According to him, he took their orders as normal, served them, and the woman tipped him $777 and said that he'll need it after. My coworker then immediately ran to get me (because of my previous experience with her) and the manager, not wanting to take money from this delusional woman.

Our manager then asked the woman if she intended to make that tip and she said "of course, it's with the Lord's numbers" and then left. Our manager refused to refund the payment both because she left and because she verbally confirmed that was her intended tip.

Friday is our payday so both my coworker and me will be getting our tips from her today, and if she comes back April 9th, she probably won't be able to get the money back, but I honestly feel bad for her.

The internet was deeply invested in the tipping saga.

dudleydidwrong wrote:

If you decide to return the money, remember that you will have paid taxes on the tip when you get it on Friday. It will have to be reported to the IRS as income. Therefore if she comes back for a refund after the 8th, do not give her back the full tip. Figure out what the IRS will get based on your tax bracket. What would be funny is if you and your coworker pool the refunds and give her back $666.

OP responded:

I'm not giving back the money, I doubt she'd even take it.

dudleydidwrong wrote:

She definitely would not take it if the amount was $666. I agree with your decision. She intentionally gave the tip, and she was given a second opportunity. Stupidity has a price, and she should pay it.

McKoijion wrote:

I don’t think this is a Christian thing. She sounds like she has bipolar disorder and is in the middle of a manic episode.

OP responded:

Pretty much every evangelical I know believes this. Also Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted about it. It seems like a fairly common belief.

Badbikerdude wrote:

Please don't feel bad for her, be glad the money is going to people who can really use the money, and not the church. She chose to believe in nonsense, maybe this will be a wake-up call for her, but I doubt it.

P.S I don't think she will be a big tipper after Monday.

HumanitarianAtheist wrote:

Can you please, Please, PLEASE give her the link to the GoFundMe I'm setting up for those of us who will be left after the rapture? Also accepting indulgences on behalf of the Pope.

tm4000m wrote:

Was it cash or credit card? Can she fight the bill when she wakes up pissed off on Tuesday?

OP responded:

Card both times, she can fight it but my coworker and me both get paid today, so it shouldn't be an issue.

Four days later, a day after "the rapture," OP shared an update.

So, last weekend at the restaurant I work at, a woman tipped me $300, convinced that the rapture was imminent on April 8th. Here's where it gets even more bizarre. A few days later, she returns and tips my coworker a whopping $777. Fast forward to today, and she's back again, adamant that her tips were somehow fraudulent and that we tampered with them.

Her claims of fraud are literally impossible, we bring the card reader to the table, and it's the guest who decides the tip amount by either pressing a preset option or entering a custom one before hitting pay. That's exactly what she did. So, it's physically impossible for us to manipulate the tip amounts.

Both my coworker and I have already received our tips with our paychecks, and we obviously have to pay income tax on them. Returning the money to her at this point is literally impossible since we don't actually have all the money. I hate fundamentalists.

The comments kept coming in.

mjohnsimon wrote:

F#king called it.

OP responded:

Luckily it didn't get that crazy. She just spewed wild accusations of fraud, told us that we'd be hearing from Visa (she said she'll be calling to dispute the transaction) and her lawyer, then she left in her Mercedes.

Lorrick2001 wrote:

As much as I’d like this to be true, it’s not passing the smell test.

OP originally claims “She tipped $300 on a $40 bill and wrote on the receipt "in case you don't rise on the 8th."

Why would she write the tip and that message on the receipt when she would have to pay on a kiosk or card reader. Beyond that, why the would OP be worried about her contesting the tip if they have a physical copy where she wrote that. It doesn’t line up.

OP responded:

She wrote it on the printed receipt that came out of the reader and then left it on the table. I do have the physical copy. I never said I was worried about her contesting it. Regardless of what she does, the money is no longer legally hers.

gegner55 wrote:

Thank you for posting this. I was really wondering what this woman's motives would be after she realizes that she is a moron. So lying and trying to steal it back, how very christian of her. I honestly thought she would just never show her face there again.

DF11X wrote:

She’s probably dead broke now after giving all of her money away, and trying to claw it back from everywhere.

Pretty_Boy_Bagel wrote:

If she comes back to complain again, tell her that her lying and bearing false witness are a violation of the 9th Commandment, and as such, would explain why she won't be raptured.

Well, this certainly escalated.

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