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'AITA if I tell my aunt and cousin about my uncle's DM's to my ex-GF?' UPDATED

'AITA if I tell my aunt and cousin about my uncle's DM's to my ex-GF?' UPDATED


"AITA for wanting to expose my uncle to his wife?"

Going to try and keep it simple. My ex and I broke up about a month ago. We're still in contact, being civil and helping each other out. Last year my uncle got very creepy towards her. He had a big pool party with a bunch of family and me and my ex went. She didn't tell me until a few weeks later, but while there, he grabbed her ass twice.

She was too afraid to tell me because she didn't want to cause drama and thought it was harmless, but was obviously uncomfortable. Obviously I flipped out, that shit is not okay and I felt horrible that she was afraid to tell me and had to deal with that. Instead of freak out on him, I just cut him off. I knew the creepy loser wouldn't care/change if I did or said anything.

Fast forward a few months, my ex was in Italy. He messaged her on Facebook blatantly asking her to come to his house when she got back. She immediately told me and sent me screenshots as proof. This time I messaged him and freaked out, his response was like 4 words. I made her block him, I told my mom, his sister, and my other uncle, his brother.

They have barely interacted with him since but it's their brother, so I can't blame them for staying in contact. Fast forward to a few days ago. I hadn't talked to my ex in a few days, but we got together to talk. Then she sheepishly told me he messaged her and not only tried to convince her to go to dinner with him, but he literally offered her money to go to bed with him.

I can't hold back this time, she gave me screenshots and I'm about to blow his spot up, sending them to his wife and son (who's like 22 and is close to my mom/siblings).

I think I speak for everyone when I say, AGGGHGHHHHHGHGHHHHHHH!!!!!!

But here's what top commenters had to say about it (somewhat more eloquently):


NTA. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. ( I think that's the saying. )


Who knows how many other girls he's trying to pull the same sh!t with

CausionEffect said:

NTA, creepy uncle is creepy.


NTA. Your aunt deserves to know, just because your ex hasn’t followed through it doesn’t mean other girls won’t. Even if he hasn’t physically cheated, the intent is there. Let’s not even get into how much of a creep he’s being anyway...


NTA. Although maybe just to his wife and not to his son? Might want to leave it to her to tell her son daddy's a sex offended


NTA. She deserves to know, but I'd leave the son out of it for now.


NTA. He's been told "no" multiple times, and he's persisted. You and your ex have stepped up pressure on him to stop, which he has ignored. He's practically forcing you to step the pressure up another level.

After very little deliberation, the jury has come to a unanimous decision: NTA.

OP later shared this update on the situation:

In the original post I left out the conversation my mom had with my uncle. After my ex told me, I told my mom, who texted him and said, I'm paraphrasing here but "I don't know what is up with you lately but you're really starting to become a creep, twice now you've texted that young girl and we all see you comment and like every other girls Facebook stuff. This needs to stop"

His response was a cop-out, he claimed to have been drinking and "doesn't remember" saying any of that. My mom wasn't buying it and has basically resolved to avoid him. I messaged my uncle, this is verbatim the conversation: Me: "Does your wife know you're offering money to my girlfriend for sex you scumbag?"

Him: "That's false . She's blocked and unfriended on FB. Totally not true." (which she did, after he messaged her asking her)

Me: "Lol I have screenshots [uncle's name]"

He then immediately blocked me, then unblocked me and started typing something, and then blocked me for good.

I made a new Facebook, messaged him and said "are you going to tell her, because if you don't, I will". He never responded or blocked me.

I waited a few days for a response, nothing. So I messaged her and said "I know this is an incredibly uncomfortable thing to talk about, but you should know [uncle's name] has twice messaged my girlfriend trying to get her to go to your house to meet him, and this last time offered to take her to dinner and give her money. I have screenshots if you would like them, I just thought you should know."

Her only response was "thank you for telling me". There hasn't been any more drama, I don't expect there will be, at least not publicly.

Edit: there is a family graduation party coming up that I know he's going to. Haven't decided if I'm going, I know my mom is, and I know my other uncle (who's an incredibly great guy) now knows, and who's son the graduation party is for. Might get ugly.

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