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'AITA for breaking up with my boyfriend because of a TikTok prank?' UPDATED

'AITA for breaking up with my boyfriend because of a TikTok prank?' UPDATED


"AITA for breaking up with my boyfriend because he ripped my jeans in public?"

My boyfriend uploads various pranks he makes with his friends to TikTok. From the beginning, I asked him not to include me in his pranks and that I didn't want my face to appear in any of his videos. Sometimes I help him record or edit videos but that's all.

Two days ago at night we were going to buy some things with his friends. Before we went, we were intimate and were late. He went down to the car while I finished dressing, I couldn't find my panties, so I just put on my jeans.

We arrived at the place and his friends were already there. Everything was going normally until we reached a hallway. My boyfriend and one of his friends grabbed my back pockets and pulled them pretty hard and tore my jeans completely.

When my boyfriend realized I wasn't wearing panties he started yelling at me and then proceeded to give me his sweater. When we got to his house, I had to call my brother to bring me some clothes.

I told him we were breaking up and then I left. Today, he came to my house to talk and started calling me "exaggerated," and that it was my fault for not wearing panties and that he is the one who should be angry because thanks to the fact that I was not wearing panties his friends saw my butt. AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Not-Woke-Bloke said:

Coming from my adult male perspective...ripping anyone's jeans in public is not funny, but especially your significant other's jeans. It shows disregard for concern, lack of respect, childish behavior. It shows he is more interested in seeking validation or attention or money from others, and less about honoring his relationship with you. Find a better guy. They do exist. Maybe he'll learn his lesson for the next gal. Hopefully.

PeaStreet6542 said:

NTA. Firstly you asked him to not include you in pranks and he ignored that. This means he isn't respectful of your boundaries or even as a perso he doesn't respect you. Secondly, something that embarrassed you was NOT about him yet he made it about himself. Main character syndrome much? You weren't wearing panties and his problem was that his friend saw you without panties when he didn't notice after sex that your panties were missing.

Him blaming you for everything shows lack of accountability on his part. Add to that, people who prank are incredibly immature. Leaving everything aside, even if the prank had gone well and you were wearing panties it would have been disrespecting your boundaries and would honestly still be bad. And not to exclude the ruination of a perfectly normal pair of jeans. What a waste!

Evening-Ad-2820 said:

That's not a prank. it's assault. He was and still is an abusive punk. NTA.

CosmicSiren19 said:

The underwear is hardly the point. The point here is he was completely fine with ruining clothes that I'm assuming you bought with your money. Jeans aren't f$ckin cheap just saying. Then he gaslit. He would have been mad even if you were wearing underwear is what I feel. NTA. Clout chasers like him are always bad news.

Intelligent_Dig8319 said:

NTA, break up, are u dating a 5 yo for them to make pranks and upload it to TikTok.

RandoJayCommando said:

WOW. He actually victim blamed you for his actions, which are basically assault! You would not have been exposed if it wasn't for HIM and HIS FRIEND doing what they did. There is no law that says you have to wear panties. You can't trust him. He broke your trust when he disregarded your request to not be in his videos. If you can't trust him with something so simple, you won't be able to trust him at all. He's totally the a-hole. You, NTA.

Talkingmice said:

“TikTok pranks” that already made me think about how lovely and mature he must be! He destroyed your jeans in public, then gaslit you when the prank didn’t go his way.Not to mention he broke your boundary and your trust. That guy sounds like a winner! NTA, good riddance.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for these exes?

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