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'AITA for continuing to make lunch for my coworker, even if his wife asked me not to?'

'AITA for continuing to make lunch for my coworker, even if his wife asked me not to?'


"AITA for continuing to make lunch for my coworker, even if his wife asked me not to?"

I (23F) have been working in the same place (warehousing) since I turned 18. It pays me well enough that I am actively saving to buy a house. For the last 4 years, I have been making extra money by making, and selling, lunches to some of my coworkers. My food tastes better than anything we can get close by, and is also cheaper.

Now, I have to be very clear, these are coworkers, they are not friends, there is no work wife/work husband BS going on. I just sell them lunches, and we usually eat at the same time/place (break room). One of my coworkers (30sM) has gotten married earlier this year, but he still continued to buy lunches from me, which is normal, since most of my customers are also married.

But earlier this week, I got a call from his wife, and she asked me (more like ordered me), to stop making her husband lunches. It was a weird conversation, but I just said that if she doesn't want him buying lunches from me, she should tell him to stop asking me himself. Then I said a terse goodbye. I also sent a text to my coworker, telling him what happened, and asking him to tell his wife to never contact me again. He was apologetic, and assured me that he will be talking with her.

But, he didn't stop buying lunches from me, and I continued selling them to him. This lead to his wife sending me a scathing text, calling me a homewrecker. I didn't reply, I just forwarded it to her husband and blocked her.

He apologized to me again, told me that he talked with her, and said that he will still buy lunches from me if I was ok with it. I said sure, money is money. Then I was venting to my roommate, and she said that I was being an AH. It's not like he is my friend, and I could do without his $10 a day to help him save his marriage. So AITA?


Since a lot of people asked, I assume she got my number from his phone. We have a GC that I use to post weekly meal plans/receive orders, and that's the only reason my coworkers have my phone number.

I have a permit to cook/distribute food from home, my kitchen is up to code (the only reason I have a roommate, so I could afford a house with a big kitchen and space for a separate fridge/freezer).

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Additional_Flan_6594 said:

NTA. Your co-workers wife is unhinged. You aren't making her husband's lunch. You are selling food to anyone willing to buy it (by the way, you would verify with your job that it's ok for you to do that...most businesses don't allow their emloyees to run a private, for-profit business while they are at work). In any event, block her number and carry on. You're not doing anything wrong.

ScallionKindly8264 said:

NTA. You are running a business, not trying to steal her man. Will she be calling every restaurant/cafe this man visits, to tell them to stop serving him?

SunnyBunnyHopHop said:

Absolutely NTA. Your coworker's wife is crazy. She's essentially asking to stop running your side business because she can't manage her jealousy. Would she walk into a Subway & demand they never sell her husband sandwiches because she's jealous?! If she's so threatened by her husband buying lunch from someone else, then she can make his lunches herself. Either way though, that's between coworker & his wife. You just keep selling food for profit like normal.

MrsPomMummy said:

NTA. You have a side gig. He is a customer. Exactly what responsibility do you have towards his marriage? Exactly zero. Does she also send scathing texts to the hairdresser who cuts his hair? Or the barrista who sells him a coffee? But, at this point, having him as a customer might create more hassle for you then it benefits, so I'd consider rejecting his business for that, at least until he can sort out whatever goes on at home.

InappropriateAccess said:

NTA. If her marriage is so fragile that someone else cooking food for him is going to wreck their home, that’s on them to resolve.

mapesely said:

If his marriage hinges on you not selling him $10 lunches it’s probably not a good marriage period and that is not your fault. NTA.

Flaky_Drag1826 said:

Of course you’re NTA. Does she go off at the teenagers at McDonald’s for selling him chicken nuggets too?

Everyone was unanimously on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this workplace drama?

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