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"AITA for being uncomfortable with my boyfriend posting thirst traps?"

"AITA for being uncomfortable with my boyfriend posting thirst traps?"


"AITA for being uncomfortable with my boyfriend posting thirst traps?"

My boyfriend and I are dating for a little under a year now. He physically changed a lot since we started dating. He was very skinny so he went to the gym and got a very attractive and aesthetic body now.

He also got very popular on TikTok, he got 700k followers, and 400k on Instagram. His personality hasn’t changed at all tho, he’s still extremely sweet, funny, and caring, nothing like you’d suggest from his social media.

My bf’s "content" is 90% thirst traps. I don’t wanna describe it, just type in thirst traps on YT and watch for yourself. It makes me extremely uncomfortable tbh. His fans don’t know that he got a girlfriend and he previously said he’d like to keep everything private about himself. That’s fair I think, but seeing girls/women comment on his looks just makes me icky. I absolutely hate it tbh.

I tried to talk with him about it a few times but he always gets mad at me for "trying to control him", he tells me "you know I’ve been very insecure about my looks, let me just be confident."

He did tell me about his struggle with body dysmorphia and I sympathize with him but I don’t really see the connection. He doesn’t even try to really talk to me about it, he just gets mad.

Here's what the top commenters had to say about this one:

Mother_Nebula904 said:

He has the right to post what he wants and show his body if he wants. you can choose to leave. since talking goes nowhere.

ordinarywonderful said:

You're NTA for feeling this way but YWBTA if you tell him he has to stop.

ObviousInformation98 said:

Do you also believe he should be able to control what you wear, when you wear it, and if you post it?

FewMarsupial7100 said:

NAH he's probably making money off of it, that's a lot of followers. Posting thirst traps is his brand. Try to work past your discomfort and be proud of him and his progress.

Hisworstkeptsecret said:

Yes. YTA. Grow up.

The opinions were divided here, but most people felt that OP was wrong. What's your advice for this couple?

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