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'AITA for kicking my BF out because I don't like his entitled children and their questions?'

'AITA for kicking my BF out because I don't like his entitled children and their questions?'


AITA for breaking it off with my boyfriend because his kids are disrespectful?

TimeContribution8625 writes:

My BF of 2 years is pulling the "you really ended things because my kid asked a f%#&ing question" but that's not the case. BF's kids (7-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl) have been coming and staying here somewhat often for the past 5 or 6 months, and it's been hell.

My food bill went from $350-$400 a month to $1100. My house is constantly trashed. I now have holes in my walls and broken controllers because the 7-year-old has severe anger issues whenever he is playing video games (he gets an hour a day per dad's rules).

My BF contributes to the bills, but not nearly enough to make up for the money I've been dishing out since his kids started coming here, and he can't afford to pay any extra because of child support and medical insurance. And to be blunt, I'm tired of looking like the f%#^ing a*%&ole because I'm the only one who steps up and tells his kids to cut the sh&t when they are doing anything wrong.

The problems are mainly with the 7-year-old. Every time I tell him to do anything, he throws a fit and asks his sister to do it for him. He refuses to even get his own cereal because he "doesn't want to" and will call his sister stupid if she says no. Or pull the "this is why I hate my life" or "this is why no one likes you" talk.

If I tell him not to do something, he will absolutely make a problem out of it by asking the dumbest, most obvious questions. Like I said to him the other day "stop touching things" because he would not stop screwing things up, and he goes "so I can't touch the floor? I can't touch the air?"

Or last night, when I kicked them out, it was because I told him he wasn't allowed to eat past 1 pm anymore (talking about lunch) because that kid will decide that he's finally ready to eat lunch 20 minutes to an hour before I make dinner and then refuse to eat his food and waste it.

He goes "so I can't eat dinner anymore?" And his dad goes "valid point." Are you kidding? So I kicked them out. I told my BF I would be damned if I played the role of a parent to a giant man-child and his disrespectful children. Now he's telling everyone I kicked him and his kids out because I was pissed that his son asked me a question.

I'm not regretting kicking them out, at all. Good riddance. But he has since told me that I would make a terrible mother and that I am absolutely sh%t with children and where I have zero patience, I should stay away from people with kids so I don't "f%^k up some other poor kid's life" with my attitude. AITA?

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Hemuncha says:

NTA. He can't see his own shortcomings, so of course everything has to be YOUR fault. I'd just roll with it and say, "Yeah, I threw you out because your son asked a question. Whatever. Just f^&#$ing stay gone and answer his smart-a^@ questions yourself."

LobstahLoverRI says:

NTA! He makes a terrible father for not disciplining his own children! Letting his kids treat you that way is so crazy! he needs to get counseling for the 7-year-old as well, or no woman would ever live with him again.

Tell everyone what really happened and let them know it is your right to live in a drama free home where nobody can break your furniture or destroy things of value. As for him, feel free to go N/C since he doesn't care about you one bit!

MameDennis1974 says:

NTA. Honey, he wanted to use you as a free nanny. Good riddance to the lot of them

Vicious_Lilliputian says:

NTA. He is a sh^#ty father with rude, entitled children. Just ignore his remarks and move on with your life.

BigSun6576 says:

NTA - honestly I'd rather be dead than deal with men throwing their kids at me and throwing a tantrum when I refuse (I'm not saying only men do this, I only date men).

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