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'AITA for breaking up with my girlfriend over her selfishness?' 'She hit the jackpot.'

'AITA for breaking up with my girlfriend over her selfishness?' 'She hit the jackpot.'


"AITA for breaking up with my girlfriend over her selfishness?"

So, I (27M) recently broke up with my gf (25F) and I'm starting to wonder if I went too far. Here’s the backstory. About a month ago, I suggested she try a crazy parlay bet combining basketball, NHL, and cricket games.

It was just for fun, but she actually went for it. We even split the initial bet money 50/50. And she freaking won. Like, she hit the jackpot and won a ton of money. I was pumped for her, honestly, because it was a wild bet and it paid off big time.

Now, here’s where things get tricky. When she won, I was thinking she’d at least share some of the winnings with me since I was the one who suggested the bet and even pitched in half the money. I didn’t expect half or anything, but a nice gesture would’ve been cool. Instead, she didn’t offer me anything. Not even a thank you dinner or a small cut. Nada. I was a little surprised but figured she’d come around.

Weeks went by, and still nothing. I brought it up casually, and she just brushed it off, saying it was her money and she didn’t owe me anything. I tried to explain that I wasn’t trying to take her winnings but just wanted to feel appreciated. She got defensive and accused me of being greedy and trying to take advantage of her.

I was hurt and felt really unappreciated, so I ended things. Now I’m second-guessing myself. Did I overreact? Was I wrong for expecting something in return for helping her win that money?

I mean, it wasn’t like I was asking for half, but a little acknowledgment or something would’ve been nice. Anyway, I’m feeling kinda crappy about it all and wondering if I’m the ahole here.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

RoughCow854 said:

This. It wasn’t that you just suggested. You both went in 50/50. You are NTA. But it’s good you figured this out now.

Totsy30 said:

She sounds like someone who sees her money as her money and your money as “our money." I’d say you made a good call. Even if it wasn’t 50/50, the fact she didn’t share ANY of it comes across like she’ll be very selfish in the future.

squirlysquirel said:

NTA. You put in half the get half the winnings. I cannot imagine being so selfish. It is like a lotto syndicate imo, everyone who puts in, gets an equal share.

montanagrizfan said:

She sounds greedy. If I won money I’d buy my partner a gift or we’d go on a nice vacation together. She didn’t even give you a thought. You can do better.

Dazzling-Excuses said:

NTA there are so many ways that I am selfish and inconsiderate.And still, I would’ve given you half. No questions asked. You put up half of the money which in my mind means that half is yours. 1/2 the risk = 1/2 the reward.

Any lingering selfishness about giving you half would be easy to manage because my integrity would still be intact. And that’s worth more than half that haul!

Pitiful_Row_8253 said:

NTA. It was your idea AND you put in 50%, I think asking for half is justified.

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