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'AITA for bringing a generic product vs the name brand I was asked to bring?' 'This seems so silly.'

'AITA for bringing a generic product vs the name brand I was asked to bring?' 'This seems so silly.'


"AITA for bringing a generic product vs the name brand I was asked to bring?"

This seems so silly to me but it became such a big deal, I have to ask. Last weekend, my girlfriend’s family hosted a BBQ. I was always raised to never show up anywhere empty-handed, so I asked my girlfriend’s mom what I could bring. She asked that I grab the Cool Whip for a dessert she was making. Easy enough. I figured it won’t be hard to find, so, I decide to wait until morning of to grab it on my way there.

Well, I get to the store about 20 minutes before the BBQ starts and they’re somehow out of the name brand. They did, however, have the store brand’s “whipped topping." As I didn’t have time to go to another grocery store, I just bought the generic brand and headed off. Upon arrival, I hand the bag to my girlfriend’s mom.

She opens it, looks inside and gets a weird look on her face. She asks where the Cool Whip is. I say the store was out, but this is pretty much the same thing, right? She looks a little irritated with me but just tells me to make myself at home.

As I’m putting my stuff down, I hear her asking her husband to run to the store and grab the Cool Whip. I can’t hear the entire conversation, but he must have asked didn’t I bring it because I then hear her say “I asked for one thing and he couldn’t even deliver."

Nothing else was said directly to me, but there were a few passive-aggressive remarks throughout the BBQ. Such as when her husband arrived, name brand in hand, calling him her “hero." When the dessert was served, she again made a comment about how it’s made with “real Cool Whip." I didn’t want to make a scene, so I took it on the chin.

When talking to my girlfriend about it later, she said that her mom was overdramatic but I should’ve called her to ask if generic was okay. Or I could’ve gone to a different store. I asked if there was really a difference and she said she doesn’t know, but it was what I was asked to bring, so I should’ve communicated better. Again, this all sound so stupid but…am I the ahole?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

seanthebean24 said:

NTA. My dad is one of those “generic bad name brand good” people. My mom and I simply save the name brand containers clean them and replace them with the generic versions.

Trust me, he hasn’t noticed. Also anyone who is using Cool Whip vs making homemade whipped cream doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to taste. The disrespect she showed a guest was gross and I’d be avoiding being over there if you don’t have to.

LoveBeach8 said:

NTA. You all may not agree but the mom was extremely rude, imho. Instead of being grateful, she stabbed OP in the back by talking trash about it. A gracious host is thankful, not condescending, making faces and talking crap. She's the AH. Your gf should have called her mom out about it, privately, of course.

hongryalice said:

NTA but a slacker. First, I’ll say that I think it was wrong for the mom to make snarky comments. However I could see why she was annoyed. You had a whole week and you waited until the last minute to get it and only went to one store. Like you said, she probably also thought it was an “easy enough” task to ask of you…but you did not deliver.

It may not seem like a big deal to those who don’t cook often or enjoy specific tastes; however some people (me included) like specific brands because the taste/content may be different. Cool Whip is a specific enough thing that it probably mattered. For example, if someone asks for Heinz ketchup, they may be disappointed that you brought an off-brand.

Or if someone asks you to bring Mexican Coke for a dish they’re making and you bring regular coke, the dish may not taste the same because regular coke doesn’t have sugar cane sugar like Mexican coke. Maybe her dish specifically called for Cool Whip? It probably didn’t help your case that the dad was able to go out and easily find the Cool Whip, when you weren’t able to.

tibbles1 said:

ESH. Cool Whip has a distinctive taste and off-brand isn’t identical. It also has added ingredients to stabilize it: it doesn’t deflate over time like fresh whipped cream. You were asked to bring Cool Whip. If you couldn’t bring Cool Whip, you should have called your gf. You couldn’t take 10 seconds to text her? Mom sucks cause she was rude.

KaliTheBlaze said:

ESH. When you’re responsible for bringing something, don’t put off buying it until the absolute last possible second. The likelihood of coming up short is a lot higher when there’s no time to try again (whether that’s the next day or a different store).

If getting the name brand was important to her, it would have been smart for her to actually say that. Her reaction to getting an alternative brand was over the top, especially when she didn’t tell you that getting the name brand is important. The various whipped topping brands do have some slight variance in taste and feel (or at least, they do to folks with sensitive palates like me), but it’s not that big a difference.

Skyward93 said:

YTA - The idea when bringing stuff is to be helpful. You could have brought flowers if you just wanted to bring something. If someone asks for a specific thing I think you either need to bring it or ask if the alternative is okay. Honestly store brands can come off as being cheap too. It’s why most people get generic. I don’t think you were trying to be an AH and she was being dramatic but I understand why she was annoyed.

While the opinions were mostly divided for this one, most people weren't on OP's side. What's your advice for this situation?

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