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'AITA for calling the police on my boyfriend for locking me in the bathroom?'

'AITA for calling the police on my boyfriend for locking me in the bathroom?'


"AITA for calling the police on my boyfriend for locking me in the bathroom?"

I (f20) and my bf (m27) have been together for two years. Besides this event, he really is so kind to me and so good. I’ve never ever seen him like this. Basically what happened was that I went out to a coffee shop to study with a few friends. I’m in university and we have our midterms this week. I was there from about 8am-noon on Sunday (today is Thursday as I’m posting this). My roommate is one of the ones who I was studying with, and she’s also my best friend. I let her know that I was gonna leave from studying to my bfs.

Well when I got to my bfs, he told me I smelt like coffee. My clothes and hair. I said oh yeah probably because again, I sat there for like 4 hours. He said he really couldn’t stand the smell and he needed me to change. I was planning on spending the night so I had clothes but I really didn’t want to change right then and there (which is not the hill to die on, I see that now). It started a kind of heated argument. I ended up snapping on him and telling me to stop and leave me alone, or else I’d leave. After me raising my voice, my bf grabbed me by my shoulders and literally forced me into the bathroom.

He locked me in there, Idk how. I was banging on the door and he told me he wouldn’t let me out until I washed my hair. I tried to get out for like 45 mins but he literally wouldn’t not let me. We were arguing through the door. Eventually I just got in the shower, but even then after he wouldn’t let me out. At this point I was sobbing because I had a throbbing headache and I wanted out and was getting claustrophobic. He kept me in there for 3. F$cking. Hours. I was sitting down, in my towel, sobbing and begging and he just wouldn’t let me out.

Eventually I realized I had my phone and called the police. Idk why I just was so desperate. I didn’t want him to get in trouble, I just wanted clothes and out of the bathroom. The police showed up, my bf let me out, and they talked to both of us for a long time.

Obviously nothing serious ended up happening but my bf has been pissed. He yelled at me so much when they left, asked me if I was an idiot and if I realized how much trouble we both could’ve gotten in. I told him he shouldn’t have locked me in there then, and that I was sorry but not really. He hasn’t accepted any of my apologies. AITA for this?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

CrystalQueen3000 said:

Stop apologizing to this controlling psycho. What he did was straight up abuse. NTA.

Ill-Heart-5283 said:

NTA I am surprised the police didn’t take him in for false imprisonment.

PuddleLilacAgain said:

NTA, and this guy is a psychopath. Please leave him and never speak to him again.

BigBlueHood said:

NTA, he is a crazy abusive ahole. It's not both of you who could have gotten in trouble, it's only him and he tried to gaslight you to stop you from pressing charges.

cloudsitter said:

NTA. Your boyfriend locked you in the bathroom to punish you for saying no to him earlier, and then he kept you in there for 3 hours to let you know that he is "in control" in your relationship. I would break up with a man over this. His initial choice to force you in there, and then to keep you in there for so long was bizarre, inappropriate, and abusive.

boredathome1962 said:

NTA. And run. The proper punishment for smelling like coffee you know, I don't think there is one. But the proper punishment for being a controlling ahole is dumping.

Everyone was unanimously on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this couple?

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