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'AITA for demanding my dad's wife cut her only family out of her life over a prank?'

'AITA for demanding my dad's wife cut her only family out of her life over a prank?'


"AITA for demanding my dad's wife cut her only family out of her life over a prank?"

My dad married "Bridget" 10 years ago. My brother and I were ahole kids who did not like her, so we put purple dye in her specialty purple shampoo for blondes. It didn't even work as well as we thought, because we didn't realize dye needed to soak in, so she was left with a few purple streaks she couldn't get out.

Now I'm not saying it was ok, but Bridget lost her mind. She was hysterical and screaming at my dad she was going to hurt us, saying she would never be in the house with us again, at one point she began scratching herself because she was so distraught. Bridget ran off and my dad lost his sh$t on us. He said we ruined his life and she was the only thing that mattered to him.

Bridget refused to return to the house if we were there, so he banned us from the house (our mom had primary custody anyway) He kept saying he would never forgive us. When I graduated high school he refused to help me with college. I ended up working multiple jobs to get by, and my brother simply never met.

I always thought this would blow over as I thought she was his midlife crisis as before meeting Bridget he was the definition of a stoic harda%s, no he was acting like some obsessed teen boy. Well we recently reconnected and they are still together. My wife wanted me to play nice with him for financial reasons and for our daughter's future. She even wanted Bridget to help her get a job. My dad is willing to help us out, but shows no remorse and says we need to understand "she is his life."

Well they recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and Bridget's BIL decided to reminisce and put some purple stuff in her hair which is washable, but she had a hell of a time getting it out of her very blonde hair. Don't get me wrong, he got smacked for that but 1) there was no hysteria 2) my dad was laughing at her and made her pose for a picture 3) there was zero ultimatum. Apparently he gets a pass because he's a huge prankster. Also he got her way worse than I did.

When I found out about this I was irate, so it is ok for a grown man to do, but not a dumb kid? I called them up and said that Bridget needed to cut them out of her life if my dad wanted any relationship with me. My dad said I was being ridiculous as they were her "only family" and "only parent figures" I reminded him I was his f-cking kid.

He claimed she was much more anxious and insecure when I did it, and claimed that it was different because he did it "with love" and she was scared of what my brother and I would escalate to. I told him I hope the next prank is nair and they can both f-ck off, and unless she cuts out her BIL and sister, no more contact from us. My dad is backing Bridget 100%.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

WinEquivalent4069 said:

So you were 17 when you did your "prank" to a woman you admit you didn't and still don't like. Of course she had a bad reaction and her husband backed her up. Do I think it was too far to ban you guys permanently? Yep but you did have your mom's to stay at who had primary custody.

This getting back in touch with dad is financially motivated by your own words. What her prankster sibling did while similar had nothing to do with you. They have an entirely relationships than you did as your dad's kids who never liked his wife. Whatever trust was building you destroyed with that prank. Of course YTA. You also seem to not realize you have no leverage when it comes to your dad.

No-Mango8923 said:

YTA. Here's the thing. YOU don't get to decide how Bridget reacts at any given time in her life. Maybe back then she had stuff going on that you had no idea about? Maybe she's changed a lot about herself in the subsequent decade that you aren't aware of. In any case, it's none of your business to gatekeep how she should react.

The only reason you wanted back into their lives is for money for kids you can't apparently finance yourself. I'd be telling you and your entitled shitty attitude to fuck off if I was your dad. You just can't bear to see him happy and sticking up for the woman that makes him happy against the shitty son who tried to destroy their relationship.

FlyDeeMouse said:

This just reads as me me me me. Honestly you sound like an immature narcissistic arsehole 100% YTA.

sunnysama_lolol said:

YTA. You and your brother did it out of spite. There’s a difference. You don’t need your dad or her, doesn’t matter if she cuts contact bc she has nothing to do with you or your family, she has her own and you have your own.

Huge_Security7835 said:

YTA. I’m not sure why you think no more contact with you is a threat. That sounds like taking all the stress out of their life. You were a horrible child and apparently haven’t learned anything.

Electronic_World_894 said:

YTA. A 17 yo doing this kind of prank is ridiculous. A 7 yo might have been understandable (maybe) but not 17. You should have apologized profusely for what you did. Her relationship and history with her own brother is not your business. And it’s so slimey you’re only seeing your dad to try to get money.

No one was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family?

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