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'AITA for enjoying the public fight between my ex and his wife on social media?' UPDATED

'AITA for enjoying the public fight between my ex and his wife on social media?' UPDATED


"AITAH for enjoying the twitter fight between my ex and his wife?"

For context I 28F used to be in a relationship with a guy. Let's call him L 28M for loser. We met in college, and within two weeks we got together. For me, he was my whole world, and I was clear from the start that I wasn't looking for anything casual and that I wanted us to be serious, and he told me the same.

Soon enough, we became inseparable and one of the most famous couples in college. We used to discuss our futures, careers, and lives after our wedding. I even had the baby's name picked up. But after a year and a half, things started to change. We are Indians, and here, our parents pick out our life partners, or if it's a love marriage, we need their approval.

He became cold-hearted when his parents stated that they would start searching him his potential wife as they wont approve any girl of his choice. I kept reassuring him that we could make it work out; we just had to graduate and have a decent job. To sum up, we broke up four times due to this issue, but he kept coming back.

After three years, he finally broke up with me when we were stuck in lockdown because he was away and it was easier, and he got engaged. "I was devastated" is an understatement. Luckily, my friends were there to support me, and after some struggle, I landed a job that kept me occupied. But I still missed him dearly.

So last week I saw a missed call from an unknown number that was very similar to his previous number, and I never called back. Then last night I remembered that he has an anonymous Twitter account where I am not blocked by him and it is public. I lurked in, and what I saw was hilarious.

He and his wife are literally fighting over there, and both having a public account made it easier to see what was happening in their lives. It was the kind of fight that should happen in personal chats, not through tweets. Overall, it was entertaining to me, and I blasted Taylor Swift's KARMA on loop.

I told about this to three of my friends; two of them are on my side, but one of them told me that I shouldn't laugh as there is a six-month-old child involved. Yes, they have a baby together, and I am feeling bad for the baby as she is stuck between these two immature idiots, but it's not me tweeting my personal issues publicly on social media.

Also, I am soon moving away for a better job and life, so I don't want anything to do with him. AITA?

Please dont tell me to move on, I have moved on. He keeps coming back in my life. Thank you. The problem of love vs arrange marriage was indeed discussed multiple times. I trusted him with all my heart. He basically used me for paying his cigrette bills, commutes and assignments. Used to ghost me when I refused to do things his way.

What do you think? AITA? This is what top commenters had to say:


NTAH lol and you are FAR from the only person that has ever lurked on their ex boyfriend/girlfriend/friend and laughed at anything.


I would be over here eating popcorn and laughing my ass off


"Let's call him L, for Loser" 💀. Still laughing over that one. NTA. If they want to publish their issues, that's on them. Pop some popcorn, have a moment of joy that you're not his wife, and keep on living your best life.



[deleted] said:

Nah, NTA, everyone lurks and enjoys public drama. It’s not just you. Do be kind to yourself tho sis.

Commenters agreed, NTA.

Four-five months after her original post, OP shared this update on the situation:

After the Twitter fight, I quickly moved on with my life, leaving it all behind. However, today I received some surprising news from a mutual friend. Apparently, my ex has been inquiring about me and my current situation, but our friends have stood by my side and refused to disclose any information.

It seems that he's going through a separation with his wife and has the deluded notion that I will forget everything and we can rekindle our relationship. Little does he know that I have relocated to a different city and am fully immersed in living my best life. It's ironic, really. He once doubted my abilities as a developer, claiming that I lacked the necessary spark and dedication.

Well, guess what? Right now, I am excelling and thriving as the best developer in my company. I have proven him wrong in every possible way. In order to maintain some privacy, I have only made minor adjustments to my LinkedIn profile, as I don't use many other social media platforms.

While some may believe that I haven't moved on, the truth is, I have. For me, moving on means finding happiness and inner peace in my life. And that's exactly what I have achieved.

One commenter, madgeystardust, responded:

Or that by being dumped, they actually did you a HUGE favour!

Well done OP, keep living your best life. He’d have only dragged you down.

NTA at all…. I’m glad you’re over him, living your best life and focus on yourself and a successful and happy future. He’s shown you what life with him would’ve been like, he would’ve held you back by constantly diminishing your light by undermining your ability to be great; on par or better than him career wise.

Someone calling themselves a man but not willing to stand up for what he claims to love or want against others even his parents is a coward and waste of your time. Usually guys like this will use you and suck you dry for years then go do what mum wants if they weren’t already seeing parents candidates whist dating you in secret. You had a lucky escape.

It might’ve been you he left with a child whilst keeping his options open and trying to approach other women before your divorce was finalised. His cowardice caused this. Never go back. Always look forward and remember how awesome you are, never settle for less then the very best especially when looking at a potential partner.

If you’re better without them there’s no need to have a hard life full of only you compromising, carrying the mental load, doing all the housework plus working, being put down all for the non privilege of going out with an idiot that doesn’t respect or care for you as you do him. You should be proud of you for how you pushed through the hurt and pain, healed and became even more awesome.

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