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'AITA for getting uninvited from a wedding because I said it was doomed to fail?'

'AITA for getting uninvited from a wedding because I said it was doomed to fail?'


"AITA for getting uninvited from a wedding because I said it was doomed to fail?"

I ran my mouth a bit when I had too much to drink at a dinner with my wife and our friends (one of them is a bridesmaid in a wedding that we were all supposed to attend).

She told the bride, and now I’m uninvited (not my wife, just me specifically). The bride is my wife’s friend so I was always just a plus-one, and she’s not been a fan of mine for a while for a few weird reasons but the gist I’ve been told is she thinks I’m a “bad influence” or something.

The reason I don’t think I’m completely the AH is because this marriage legitimately is doomed to fail. The groom once told the bride that he doesn’t like “bigger women”… and the bride is definitely in that category. Also, her family has paid for 100% of the (very expensive) wedding and his family have contributed 0%.


So I did apologize to my wife which went kind of predictably badly but she did tell me another thing about the bride which might better illustrate my point about what she’s like.

So one of the bridesmaids (not the same one) looked at the hair dresser persons page on Instagram and thinks it’s sh$t and doesn’t want to use that person even tho apparently the bill is like >$10K just for all that sh$t alone, and told the bride that she would get it done elsewhere and then meet them.

Bride then threatened to univite that bridesmaid from the wedding…so I ain’t that unique in this scenario lol. It’s apparently a malleable list.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Scottfos72 said:

lol of course YTA. You just prefer to be an AH without the social consequences. In this case, you get to skip a wedding. Lucky break. Apologize to your wife for hurting her friend and drop it.

EmmyHomewrecker said:

YTA. You should drink less.

Extreme-Pair9318 said:

YTA. You're clearly one of those people that enjoys causing drama and gossiping. You can see it on this very post. Why do you care who is paying for their wedding? Why even say that it is doomed to fail at a dinner with her friends? You're an adult. Stop acting like a middle schooler.

LegalNebula4797 said:

Wonder if their marriage will last longer than yours.

DrTeethPhD said:

YTA. Of course YTA. In what demented universe are you NOT TA?. Drink less and keep your big mouth shut AH.

No one was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family?

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