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'AITA for how I handled my employee who thought she was being recorded?'

'AITA for how I handled my employee who thought she was being recorded?'


"AITA for how I handled my employee who thought she was being recorded?"

To preface this I am the general manager of a rather large sports bar. I have 70 servers on staff and it’s not unusual for them to be verbally harassed by guest who are drunk. When that happens I cut them off and force them to close out and leave.

One of my servers came up to me in the middle of a busy Friday and told me “Hey that man at booth 21 just venidero recorded me with flash on cleaning booth 22." As soon as she said that I walked over and saw he still had a flash on his phone and was holding it out like he’s recording but his booth is in the corner by the thermostat so I pretended I was adjusting the temp so I could see what he was doing on his phone.

He was old and farsighted so holding his phone strait out in front of him reading a text and he didn’t know his flashlight was on…I fiddled around for a few seconds and his friend came to sit with him and told him his flashlight was and they laughed it off.

At that point I told the server I don’t believe he was recording her but I was reassigning the sections because I know he made her uncomfortable and I didn’t need her to go back over there. I watched the cameras and he had his phone out with the light on in that position 30 seconds before she even came to bus the table next to his. I let her know this and told her it wasn’t malicious and just seemed like honest confusion but I understood why she felt that way.

For the next half hour she went around telling the rest of the wait staff she was recorded and I did nothing about It and then the wait staff flipped out on me one by one saying she could’ve been recorded for deep fake stuff and and that it’s all my fault and how she needs to sue. Did I handle this wrong in some way? I let the owner know just in case and he said if the guy didn’t touch her than he really didn’t care.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

eowynsheiress said:

NTA. I think you handled it really well. You can’t demand that the patron show you his camera roll and videos. You made an assessment that he was not recording to the best of your ability. Reassigning the server was a good idea.

I think your server should have a meeting with you, the owner, and whatever other manager you have. You can discuss the incident and your exact steps of action and assessment.

If you still have the surveillance, she should be allowed to view it. If she still feels uncomfortable and feels the need to upset the other staff, she needs to be given an official warning against spreading her trauma to the rest of the crew. If she still feels so violated that she can’t stop her gossip or do her job she needs to be let go with sufficient warning. I can’t think of anything else you could have done.

SassyPieHole03 said:

This was a game of two halves. Your half was vigilant, investigative, diplomatic, understanding and wholly professional. The other half was invested in the potential drama and, when you shut it down, decided to make some all on their own. The only thing you did wrong was not shutting her right down after hearing the first complaint from the wait staff. NTA.

appleblossom1962 said:

I bet the bar is full of cameras, she is probably being recorded everytime she walks into work. NTA.

IntelligentRoom8913 said:

NTA. It seems like you take your wait staff seriously and did your due diligence. Try and have a meeting and provide your explanation and proof but reassert that their safety and comfort are your priority.

jrm1102 said:

NTA - this was handled thoroughly and appropriately.

Fearless_Spring5611 said:

NTA. Sounds like you did all the right things, and the server needs to wind her neck in. The owner, however, is definitely AH for that comment.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this staff?

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