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Bride's sister gets kicked out of wedding over dress, 'this time she took it too far.' AITA?

Bride's sister gets kicked out of wedding over dress, 'this time she took it too far.' AITA?


"AITA for kicking my sister out of my wedding over a wedding dress?"

I (24F) have a sister (32F) named Jamie. Jamie has a fiancé (36M) named Aaron who proposed to her about three months ago. My finance (25M) named Daniel and I have been engaged for about a year but we’ve been together for 5.

Jamie and I have always had a complicated relationship she has made my life as miserable as possible for as long as I can remember. But this time she’s took it too far.

Around a month ago my mother my sister and I went wedding dress shopping. Now remember this was for my wedding not Jamie’s. I saw this beautiful white lace dress with white flowers and immediately fell in love. We got the dress fitted and then bought it and took it home.

A week before my wedding my sister showed me the wedding dress she wanted and when I saw it I immediately knew that it was my dress. She said she had just fell in love with everything about it and asked if I could get a new one.

I obviously told her no because my wedding was in a week and I already bought it and had it fitted. She then continued to throw a fit and tell me how it wasn’t fair and I always ruin everything for her. I thought that was the end of it but boy was I wrong.

A few hours later I saw her in the room with my dress. I walked into the room as she was not supposed to be in there and, lo and behold, there she was about to cut my dress into pieces. I screamed and ripped the dress out of her hands as she kept trying to ruin it.

She told me if I would have just chose a new dress this wouldn’t be happening. I told her she was crazy and that she was no longer welcome at my wedding. My fiancé said I took it too far but I don’t think I did. AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Revolutionary_Let_39 said:

Your sister sounds clinically insane. She wanted to ruin your entire wedding out of jealously. I’d cut her out of my life, not just the wedding. NTA.

MeekoMeeky said:

YOUR FIANCE? Your fiance said you took it too far? Wow, do you really want to marry a man that backs your sister over you! Like wtf.

AwanGuling said:

Wth is wrong with your fiancé?! You do not want the person who literally wanted to ruin your wedding dress at your wedding and he said YOU took it too far? Dudeeeeee. NTA. Your sister is too much.

Also if she managed to ruin your dress, dont get a new one. Wear the ruined dress down the aisle and answer truthfully when people ask about it. Then you can tell your fiancé this is you taking things too far.

dheffe01 said:

NTA, she attempted to cut up your wedding dress. Then ban her and anyone that supports her actions from your wedding. Call the police and then your mother, finger print the scissors.

Dream-it- said:

NTA. Go no contact with her. Maybe one day she will grow up, but she went straight up psycho on your wedding dress. Family doesn't do that to family. She is in the wrong here and you need to get some distance from her.

She definitely should not be invited to your wedding. Explain what happened to your parents and immediately family. Maybe they can give some insight into how to get Jamie some serious help.

ghostoftommyknocker said:

NTA. Banning your sister is the right thing to do. Your fiance is TA for taking her side over yours... which baffles me. She almost destroyed your wedding dress 1 week before the wedding and the only thing bothering your fiance is your behaviour rather than hers? Does he make a habit of dismissing your feelings in favour of others?

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for these sisters and soon-to-be brides?

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