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'AITA for leaving my girlfriend stranded in another state for cheating?'

'AITA for leaving my girlfriend stranded in another state for cheating?'


"AITA For Leaving My GF Stranded In Another State For Cheating?"

Went on a vacation with my girlfriend of 5 years down to Tennessee from Michigan on winter break. My gf grew up in Tennessee until her family moved up to Michigan when she was 12.

It was a big reason I had a crush on her when we were teens because I thought her accent was very cute. Her and I both go to the same college and we met in middle school when I wouldn’t stop bugging her in class.

We drove down to Tennessee in my car and were planning to stay down there from the 2nd to the 7th. We have our classes begin again on the 10th. Anyways we were having a great time, we visited a bunch of the awesome sites in Tennessee and she showed me the town her family lived in before she moved.

We were staying in a hotel on the 5th and while she was sleeping I noticed some guy kept snapchatting her. I was like wtf who even is this and so I took a photo of her arm saying yeah what’s up. He replied saying he was thinking of her and asking when she was getting back.

I messaged him saying the 10th and asked him what he wanted to do when she gets back. He said he had a few ideas and a winky face. I asked him for revealing photos to make sure he was definitely already doing stuff with her and he sent them almost immediately and asked if he’d be seeing hers.

I was so livid and woke her up freaking out on her. She was shocked and denied at first but she eventually admitted they were talking but never hooked up. I told her we were done and I started crying and freaking out. I told her I was gonna sleep in the car so we wouldn’t get kicked out for a noise complaint and I left the room.

When I got in my car after a good hour of thinking and ignoring her texts and calls I decided f%ck it I’m going home. I didn’t care about my suitcase or clothes I just started driving home. I blocked my now ex’s number and drove through the night.

I woke up the next morning to my ex’s mom calling me freaking out about how I left her halfway across the country and how it didn’t matter what she did it’s criminal negligence to leave a girl alone in that state.

Well her parents ended up driving all the way down to get her and now my ex came up to my house today and told me they were going to try to file a criminal case against me and if not that sue me for damages?

I don’t think I owed her a drive home. It was my car, my gas, and she cheated on me. Can I get in trouble from this? What I’ve read it could be possible if I left her in a dangerous situation but I left her in a hotel.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Typical_Agency8984 said:

She’s an adult in a hotel. There was nothing criminal about you leaving her there.

Big_lt said:

Haha there is no law like that hahahahhaha. She is an adults she could use her big girl brain and got an Uber + flight or Uber to rent a car. Respond and say you'll sue for her cheating it's as equally valid as suing for leaving. NTA.

BlueGreen_1956 said:

NTA. She messed around and found out. Actions do indeed have consequences. Her parents should have been more upset the way their daughter turned out.

Agitated_Budgets said:

NTA. If you don't want to lose your ride home don't cheat.

gruntbuggly said:

NTA. Cheaters don’t get a ride home. She’s an adult who has to deal with the consequences of her choices in life, and her mom is mostly pissed off because now she has to deal with it.

They can’t file a criminal case against you. Only a prosecutor can do that, and an investigation would have to happen before that, and I think it highly unlikely that any prosecutor in TN would take this case, and no crime occurred in Michigan.

They could file a civil suit against you, but I suspect if you tell your ex that if they do file a suit against you her cheating will become a matter of public record for the whole world to see, they’ll skip that.

Everyone agreed unanimously with OP for this one. What's your advice for these exes?

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