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'AITA for making a glitter bomb gift that was stolen?' UPDATED

'AITA for making a glitter bomb gift that was stolen?' UPDATED


"AITA for making a glitter bomb gift that was stolen?"

I’ve picked up some work from an old teacher of mine that involves decorating and wrapping gifts for a program he is the director of. They have had problems with gifts being stolen before but still want the Christmas tree to have gifts under it.

Where I work I can get a lot of boxes and scored a good deal on some wrapping paper and ribbons. So I get some EMPTY boxes from work and wrapped them up using pine cones to give them some weight. Only in the last one I placed a red and sliver glitter bomb inside.

To be sure and maybe use it as a prank later, I use the ribbons to mark the gift boxes and take pictures just in case I forget. There was a total of 9 placed under the tree.

Not even a week after putting them out do 3 gifts go missing. A bit worried but mostly annoyed, the director and I brush it off but tell the other employees/volunteers to keep their eyes open. The day after one of the volunteers is yelling at the receptionist while covered in red and sliver glitter…

Apparently the lady thought they had given her two kids (8F and 10M) gifts, only to find out that it was just yard trash inside. The lady then opened the 3rd gift and her whole house was covered in glitter. She demanded money for cleaning and emotional distress. Honestly she was laughed out by the director who told her to leave.

I learned this today from a volunteer who said the glitter bomb was a AH thing to do, even when I pointed out the gift had been STOLEN, other volunteers agreed and said I was an AH. Even though the director told me it was funny and was sorry he didn’t get it first.

The kids still come to the programs but are picked up and dropped off by their dad who is annoyed by the glitter he keeps finding. The kids also apologized for taking the gifts because their mother told them to. So am I the AH for making a glitter bomb that got stolen?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Cat1832 said:

NTA. Not like you put a flamethrower inside and the house burned down. Now everyone knows she's a thief, and no true harm done.

Maleficent-Object-21 said:

NTA. Retail stores and banks use dye packs to catch thieves, you used glitter. Go bigger next time with glitter dye packs.

stillcantsee said:

NTA. She’s a thief and mad she got busted for it.

jillian512 said:

NTA. I'm so tired of porch pirates that I'm considering packing decoy boxes with fire ants and used cat litter.

Patient_Gas_5245 said:

NTA, you had permission and she deserved the glitter.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this Glitter Grinch?

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