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'AITA for not hosting my sister's baby party after my home was damaged by her gender reveal?'

'AITA for not hosting my sister's baby party after my home was damaged by her gender reveal?'


Hosting people in your home is a big undertaking, even when they're the most thoughtful people around. So, when they're inconsiderate? Well, that's another story entirely.

"AITA for not hosting a party for my sister's baby sprinkle after my home was damaged by her gender reveal party?"

AITA I (36 female) have a sister 34 that is calling me selfish and rude for not allowing her to have her baby sprinkle at my home. For some background my sister and I have a love hate relationship. She is my mother’s golden child. I do not get along with my mother but that’s for a whole other post.

My sister always had things handed to her and due to that she has become entitled. Now to the point of this post. My husband and I have opened our home for parties and gatherings for friends and family. Events such as our kid’s birthday parties to hosting a surprise engagement for 2 of our friends to allowing my sister to use it as a “hall” for her gender reveal last month.

The issue is that after the reveal, I realized that her guests broke my vegetable garden box by sitting on it. Theyallowed their kids to mess up my garden, and left a mess in my house. My husband and I decided that was the last time. Jump to today. My sister wants to have her sprinkle at my home once she found out I wasn’t paying for her to have it anywhere due to funds. Which kinda pissed me off.

So in her mind I won’t pay for her and her guests to eat and be merry somewhere, so she can use my house to have it knowing the kind of host I am. When I told her no that my house was not an option she started being nasty to me. Telling me that I was punishing her for others actions and that she’s my sister and it’s not right.

She went as far as trying to guilt me by saying that I don’t care about her and the baby and for me to have a good life. I’m stressing her out. And she regrets asking me and this is why she doesn’t ask for help. She doesn’t want to understand my feelings and reasons. So am I wrong for not wanting a bunch of people here again that disrespected my home before?

The internet had a lot of strong opinions about the situation.

Revolutionary_Low587 wrote:

What the heck is a baby sprinkle??? A christening?

Environmental_art591 wrote:

It's a gift grab, smaller than a baby shower, plus sister is double entitled because she has already had a gender reveal which some people provide gifts at occasionally.

SeamStressed1 wrote:

NTA. Shine up your spine girl. You have been trained your whole life that “golden girl” is to get what she asks for. It is YOUR HOME...YOURS...not your sister's party hall. She says you have to because you won’t pay for a venue??

Heck NO...your home, your rules, if she didn’t jump to help take care of the damages then she is no longer entitled to EVEN ASK to use your HOME...and the guilting just shows that she knows how to push your buttons to get her own way. Oh and WTF Is she even doing?

Demanding you pay for a venue or let her use your HOME when she already got you to up for the reveal?? Sounds like “golden girl” is using baby to milk you and everybody else for everything they can get.

OP responded:

I have always been the black sheep because I don’t give her want she wants the way everyone else does. Thank you for your support!!!

Winter_Raisin_591 wrote:

NTA, however at some point you need to let this "love/hate relationship go to the wayside. Your sister loves you when you give her what she wants and hates you when you don't.

You love her when she is acting like a loving sister (cause you're doing her bidding) and hate her when she reverts to her default settings and treats you terribly (because you are not doing her bidding). You lived the first 1/3rd of your life letting her dictate your life. Do you want to spend the rest doing the same? Do you want your kids dealing with a hot and cold aunt?

OP responded:

I did cut ties with her a few years back because of this and over time she changed but now has gone back to her true colors. After this I am back to cutting her off which hurts because I am so close with her first born and she is the type to not let me see him because she and I aren’t speaking.

DestronCommander wrote:

NTA. Regardless whether she owes you repair or not, Your house shouldn't have to be the always go to place for events. Especially if no one's paying you. Not for her, not for anybody. If they want a party, they can either rent a place or go to a restaurant.

LowGiraffe4095 wrote:

NTA. I had to look up "baby sprinkle" as I thought the name of the baby was Sprinkle!

As a side, we never were given a baby shower when I was pregnant with my son. We received monies from friends and relatives visited about a month after my son arrived.

No, you're not obligated to do anything. Your sister doesn't sound like a nice person. Why doesn't your mom or other relatives host the baby sprinkle??? You did your part with the first celebration and she should be happy about that.

OP responded:

My mom is just as greedy as she is and doesn’t work and Mooches off of others so she can’t and won’t pay for it.

HMW_Slartibartfart wrote:

NTA. She is asking YOU to pay for HER party. Ask her why she can't make her own arrangements. Ask her if she's been kind enough to ask parents / inlaws if they would like the honor first, and point out just how selfish she is for not letting someone else host. After all, she had her last party at your place. I think you need to have a nice doggy birthday at her's, just so she feels your "love."

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