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'AITA for not telling my stepsisters how much money and assets my father left me when he died?'

'AITA for not telling my stepsisters how much money and assets my father left me when he died?'


"AITA for not telling my stepsisters how much money and assets my father left me when he died?"

I 31M refused to give my stepsisters any of my inheritance. My father began dating a woman when I was 8 years old. He and my mother had already split. The woman he began dating had three other children from another relationship. And me and my SM never got along. I never got along with her or her children and this relationship only seemed to get worse when I moved in with my father when I was 12 years old.

So for context my father is a very emotionless man. He made it very clear to my step mother that she would not parent me, and he would not parent her children. Each will deal with there own children, a rule which he abided by, she did not.

To be clear although he was not emotionally there for her children he did but them everything they wanted. They went to private schools, they always had the latest tech and money, when they came of age he bought each of them a car. Spending money was my fathers way of being emotional this was exactly how he was with me.

All the way through my teens she would increasingly try to control my life, what I could do, where I could go, what money I was allowed, what I could eat. If I mentioned it to my father he would talk to her and it would stop for a couple of months and then begin again.

The cycle continued all throughout my childhood. Tbh nothing she did really bothered me after years of being around them they all just became irrelevant to me as harsh as it sounds. I had no negative or positive feelings towards any of them.

Fast forward to when I was 15 and this is when the relationship between myself and her(and her children) really took a turn for the worse. My father got diagnosed with cancer. As soon as he was diagnosed he wrote a will and left me everything.

The house, the cars, his money, his savings, his other properties, his business literally everything. The will was left with his solicitor, and a copy was given to him he placed this with all his other documents in a secure place so people would know if anything happened to him what his wishes were.

My father was given the all clear after a year of getting treatments and surgeries. It seemed as soon as he was given the all clear my SM found his will and exploded. She came into my room with her oldest daughter who didn't even live with us at that time screaming at me telling me I had manipulated my father and to get out of her house right now before she calls the police. I was 16 how had I manipulated him?

I left, as I said previously nothing these people could say to me would ever bother me. They were irrelevant to me. I rang my father and informed him what had happened (also said preciously) my father is emotionless I have never heard him change his tone of voice let alone get angry.

He turned up to the house within twenty minutes of getting my phone call and as soon as he was back he told my step sisters to leave so he and my SM could talk. My Step sisters came outside and all 4 of us were there and I believe for the first time in my life I heard my father raise his voice.

I couldn't make out what he was saying but after 5 minutes he came out of the house told me to get into his car we were going to get food. In the car he went back to his normal self, my dad's never tried hiding anything from me so I asked what he said to my SM.

He had told her everything thing he owns goes to me that will never change. The next few years I don't think my SM or stepsisters spoke to me, maybe meniel things like hello, good bye but definitely not a conversation not until I was 18.

When I was 18 my dad and my SM gathered me and her children and informed us all that they were buying a new family home. My SM oldest daughter said "ow that's nice. You'll get a good price for this one and before my SM replied my father interrupted and informed us all he wasn't selling he was given the house to me. This was his house he had bought before he even met my SM.

Everyone of them turned and in unison began screaming at me how I take all my father's money and things along those lines. (I didn't even know my father was giving me the house. I didn't even know he was buying a new one) my oldest stepsister began hysterically screaming for me to give her the house. She had a husband and a child she needed it and i was going to uni so I didn't.

My father then piped up with his calm unchanging voice that the new house being bought would be split equally between himself and my SM so when they pass, I would get his 50% and they would share their mother's 50%. This did not help the situation and instead I began getting screamed at more. I was indifferent to them so I didn't really phase me and we moved on.

12 years later I am now 30 years old my SM and my father have been broken up for about 3 years. Still living together just completely separate I haven't spoken to my stepsisters in 10 years even though I see atleast one of them every other week.

My SM got diagnosed with terminal cancer she only had 12-18 months to live. She moved in with her eldest daughter due to needing round the clock care and my father couldn't provide it for her.

So four months pass and none of them have contacted my father, not once. He had a stroke and ended up going into a coma, after being in the coma for two weeks I reached out and let my SM know. I didn't delay on purpose they just never crossed my mind.

The day after I informed her I went around to his house to collect all of his documents( in preparation for his death I wanted everything ready rather than have to search for it) and his locks had been changed. This didn't bother me I just went home and forgot about it.

3 weeks later my father came out of his coma and was due to be sent home. He was severely unwell but he was alive. So went round to SM got the new keys and took him home.

After a week of being home he recieved a letter from his pension informing him of a beneficiary change so he rang and his pension had been changed into my SM name. Now my father had 3 private pensions and everyone of them had been changed. His signature had been forged on documents. We then went through every important thing that was of value. Pension, cars, bank accounts. Everything.

She had changed all of my fathers car logbooks into hername and his pensions. in total around 850k worth of assets and money she would have stolen if he had passed away when he was in his coma.

However the one good thing from this was when we rang the mortgage company for the property they had bought together they had informed us that the property was in fact bought on a joint mortgage, which means both of them own 100% of the property ( if one dies the survivor gets 100% of the propery) this wasn't an issue for my father he said she could have 100% if he dies before it sells.

Once confronted with the attempted theft, she just said I thought you would of wanted me to have it. After this, the relationship between them soured. They both wanted to sell the house. However, she wanted 100% of it. They agreed he would get 30 she would get the 70 he was happy to give it her.

So we were going through some more of his documents and found his life insuarance documents. I knew my father was wealthy but I never imagined how wealthy until I seen how much the life insuarance policy was for and I was down as 100% beneficiary.

Whilst reading through the life insuarance documents I notice a small section on a cohabiting policy. So my father rang them and they informed us yes even though I was down as beneficiary she would still be entitled to claim 50% because they are legally in a cohabitation partnership.

Doesn't matter they are no longer together the have a joint mortgage which is all the proof she would need. So after my father had taken a turn for the worse and speaking to a solicitor me and my him devised a plan.

We asked the solicitor to send a letter to them informing my father would not sell the property unless it was a 70/30 split to him. Tbh he probably is entitled to that because she never paid a penny for anything. he didnt care about the house just the life insuarance.

Now one of my stepsisters is a solicitor and we were hoping that her first reaction would be to ensure her mother got at least 50% not 30.5 and we were correct a week after our solicitor sent the letter we recieved a notice of severence from my step sister informing my father that on the grounds him and my SM had split they are both entitled to 50% of the house.

This is what we needed to legally show she is no longer cohabiting. My father passed three weeks after we received this. His funeral, my SM and stepsisters turned up, and they were joyous, happy, laughing. This didn't really bother me. I knew how petty they were and expected it.

Anyway, 6 months after my father's funeral, my wife and child were out with friends at a play area for the kids, and my eldest stepsister was there with her husband and children. I could see them staring and giggling, and eventually, they came over.

They mentioned the house and how we tried and failed to rob 20% of it from them and some other things. Then she started to say disrespectful things about my father, and I snapped. I told them, "we didn't care about the house. My dad didn't want my Sm to get his life insuarance."

My stepsisters went quiet for around 30 seconds and then started asking what I meant. I just grabbed my child and me and my wife and I left. The next day, I was bombarded with phonecalls asking what my father had left me, and I told them, every single thing I got in inheritance, I told them right down to the last penny.

And then proceeded to brag about how we needed them to fill for the severence because if we did, they would block and delay it, suspecting something. I was then non stopped harassed for the next couple of weeks, telling me I didn't deserve the money.

I should split it 4 ways because he was all of our father, not just mine. Then the threats started, and I received a letter from my SM youngest daughter, who was a solicitor, informing me of legal proceedings they are going to take.

So now, after 4 months of this, we were informed today that they have no legal claim to any of my fathers inheritance. Due to all his paperwork, will, beneficiaries on his polices which he was in sound mind when he completed. It has ruled in my favor.

I recieved another phone call from my eldest stepsister after I found out about winning the case. Begging me to split the money and assets or atleast give them the money from the house that my father and their mother owned together.

My wife believes I should just give them something to leave us alone, but that would go against what my father wanted. Me and my wife both earn good money so we wouldn't miss it and the only one of my stepsisters who earns decent money is the solicitor the other two are desperate for money.

But when I think about it I'm constantly reminded that I don't actually care for these people so why should I help them out. So, AITA? Edit -- just to make it clear, my SM passed away around 3 months ago. The house was sold for 1.2m so they did recieve inheritance, around 200k each. Assuming she left equal amounts to each of her children.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

FearTheBeans said:

Straight up, these people are NOT your family if they're treating you and your father that way and have no right to what your dad wanted to give to you. They treated both of you like their own piggy banks. Your only mistake was letting them know about the inheritance since you had already seen how they acted when it came to money. You should just block them all and be done with it.

FirebirdWriter said:

NTA. They wanted to audition for roles in a Cinderella and got the ending that is truly deserved by such people. Good for you and your father. As a naturally stoic person I will say this tells me he truly loves you in a thousand ways. I don't know if you need me to go into details so will if you want.

zoomaniac13 said:

NTA Your SM and her daughters knew the score from day one. They just thought they could manipulate everyone else to their advantage later on. They deserve exactly what they got. You are just fulfilling your father’s wishes. Good luck.

Final-Success2523 said:

NTA I’m happy your father did right by you and didn’t treat you like deadweight when he married your stepmom. And please don’t given they a cent of your money, it’s what your father wanted and screw them since they didn’t treat you or your father as a loving member of the family.

Little-kinder said:

NTA. Document everything, don't hesitate to go to the police at least so that they are aware of this and not unreported. Btw I'm curious. How much are we talking about for the life insurance?

nomad_l17 said:

NTA, they tried to commit fraud to steal from you and disrespected your dad at his funeral. You don't give anything to people like this. Your dad wanted you to have it so respect his wishes and keep saying that to them.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this situation?

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