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'AITA for not wanting to name my son 'Braxtley'? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.' UPDATED

'AITA for not wanting to name my son 'Braxtley'? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.' UPDATED


"AITAH for not wanting to name my son 'Braxtley'?"

Is this a cultural thing? Or am I out of touch. I’m (30m) straight up not naming my kid “Braxtley.” My wife (25F) is f^%$#g adamant about this. She’s from a small rural town, and a lot of her friends have been naming their kids like “Shayleigh” and s^%t

Problem is, we live in full on city slicker south Florida where I was born and raised, and there aren’t many “AshleighLynns” or “Brantsleys” out here. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, it’s a dumb name. But she is supposedly “in love” with “Braxtley”!

Is this a southern thing I don’t get, or is this really the names kids are getting now? My Florida friends all named their kids names like “Emma” and “Jackson”. You know, NORMAL names!

Here's what people had to say to OP:

stupiduselesstwat says:

Braxtley??? The f&^*?? NTA. This is a hill I would die on.

probably_nontoxic says:

OP’s first kid being Braxtley means wife already has Evyrlee and Jaxxson lined up for kids 2 and 3… and wants all an all blond, beige, and linen nursery with some sort of modern farmhouse vibe. OP… DIE ON THIS HILL!!!! The AITAH army stands with you. NTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

floofienewfie says:

Check out r/tragedeigh

BeardManMichael says:

NTA. You both need to agree on a name.

blanketstatement5 says:

Baby names are 2 yes 1 no. NTA.

Update from OP the next day:

I wanna say: MY WIFE IS NOT “TRASHY”! I was angry last night and made her out to be a backwoods hick! This isn’t true and was my emotions getting the best of me! She is the kindest, most patient, and frankly attractive person I know! We butt heads sometimes but we ALWAYS make up and come out better cause of it!

After getting my anger out and working in my garage to cool off, I had a serious discussion with her where I apologized because I DID raise my voice a bit when she was being adamant about the name! I told her my feelings and had a real heart to heart with her!

We have decided to NOT name the kid “Braxtley” because of the “two yes one no rule” many of you posted! She agreed after we both cooled off we both have agree! I’m gonna blame some of this on hormones because we don’t usually argue over petty stuff like this!

We kissed and made up and even came up with two names we’re seriously considering now: “Daniel” after my father who died when I was young and “Paul” which we both agreed is “strong” name and has ties to her family!

Btw those of you who messaged me to divorce my wife: f&^% off! What kind of man would I be to let one argument over this destroy my marriage and career! My wife helps run my business (I’m a tradesman) to divorce her over this would be straight up be the dumbest decision I could make! Get a life!

Here's what people had to say to OP after the update:

Doyoulikeithere says:

Thank God you worked out that name thing! :) Yes, probably hormones but you two talked it out and it's all good. You could even name the baby Paul Daniel or Daniel Paul and get a cute dog and name him/her Braxtley! :) Have a nice life with your baby when he gets here.

Shalynn75 says:

OP with your update I completely understand… I am so happy for you and your wife! Argument/Disagreements happens pregnancy arguments can be very heated.

So glad you both realize that. I love the new names… think you should use one as the first and the other as the second… honoring both sides and the names work well together. Hopefully this will be the worst argument you both have during the pregnancy and she has an easy delivery.

ThePepperPopper says:

I know it's more or resolved, but I wanted to bitch about all these new bulls*^t names too. Braxtley? What the f^%$ Aiden, Jaden, Braden, Kaden, braylynn, brayleigh, and all the normal sounding but f&^%ed up spelling names... oughta be a law. Such ick.

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