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'AITA for proving that my wife can’t do my job?'

'AITA for proving that my wife can’t do my job?'


"AITA for proving that my wife can’t do my job?"

This issue started when my wife left for a week for a girls trip. The kids are in all in school and I took over as the main caregiver when she was gone. It went well and when she came back she asked if I had trouble. I told her no and everything went smoothly.

This started an argument about how I thought it was so easy that she was a SAHM. It wasn’t a good time and I already was pushing her to go back to work partime since the kids were in school.

We have talked about her to start looking around summer. The issue now is I work from home twice a week and every-time she sees my screen or I complain about work she tells me she can do it.

I have talked to her about it and nothing changes. That if she did it would go smoothly. I thought back on our argument and have asked her about it, she denies it has anything to do with it.

So she won’t stop and I had enough of it today. I was trying to figure out why there was an error in my code. She saw what I was doing and told me she could do that. I told her to go ahead made a copy that she could work on.

Well she tried for about five minutes until she gave up, I reiterated that if she can do my job find the error. This started a huge argument about making her look like an idiot and now she isn’t talking to me.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

TraditionalBidN2O4 said:

Just wanna get this straight: You've never disparaged her role as SAHM, even after she got back from her girls trip. She got mad because taking care of the kids for a week while she was gone went smoothly (or at least wasn't the reckoning she thought it would be for you). She starts disparaging your job, because apparently you can also do hers.

She harps on it for a while till OP snaps and lets her have a go at software dev. She thinks OP is an ahole for proving she can't do his job. Bout sum it up? If so, NTA. She was being overly petty, and decided to drag you down to her level. You shouldn't have done it, but I'd chalk it up to FA-FO.

elizabethwhitaker said:

It sounds like she’s dealing with some insecurity about returning to the job market after being a SAHM for a while. She might also be a little angry that she had to choose between raising kids and her career, which is a fair-it’s not exactly a win win situation.

Maybe she’s mad and jealous of her husband for seemingly having it all figured out. NTA. She’s the asshole but she could probably use some encouragement and a hug." AITA for proving that my wife can’t do my job?"

elevenohnoes said:

Why would she even go on a girls trip in the first place if she thought OP was gonna have such an awful time trying to look after their children? That seems pretty irresponsible and possibly dangerous for the kids. Sounds like she was plotting something that backfired, and is now mad about it. I agree, NTA.

extinct_diplodocus said:

NTA. She embarrassed herself by making a boast and being unable to deliver when called on it. Having her constantly telling you she can do your job must grate. Maybe this will slow her down. You didn't make her look like an idiot. She did that all by herself.

Voltaire611 said:

Your wife is insecure and needs a job. NTA.

demon803 said:

NTA, but your wife has more issues than the fact that she cannot do your job.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this couple?

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