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'AITA for refusing to shave off my son’s (short) mullet for my sister's wedding?'

'AITA for refusing to shave off my son’s (short) mullet for my sister's wedding?'


"AITA for refusing to shave off my son’s (short) mullet for my sister's wedding?"

My 32-year-old sister is having her second wedding in a week. I haven’t seen her in months so she was not aware that my 10 year old son has been growing out his hair since school let out to have a short mullet.

I just had him get his hair cut and shared it in our family group chat getting the sides cleaned up and top very nicely styled his mullet is very short doesn’t even reach his collar and can be styled very nicely. As soon as she saw the pictures I shared she asked if his hair was going to be like that for her wedding.

I told her yes we had just gotten it cut just today to have it cleaned up looking nice. She blew up on me and told me how disrespectful it is to have a country mullet at her wedding because of how nice of an event it is with all the prestigious people she invited and how disrespectful it is on our end. I told her it is my son’s choice how he would like his hair and we will not be cutting it off.

I also mentioned other relatives that will be there who have longer mullets and she didn’t care she just wants me to cut my son's hair. I have dealt with her controlling every aspect of her wedding from needing me to send her pictures of my self for her to approve of what I’ll be wearing and how my clothes fit...

...and deciding what shoes I’m allowed to buy to making me spend the extra money to buy my husband a new suit to wear to her wedding when we didn’t even buy one for our wedding he rented one. It’s a destination wedding and we are already $1500 deep into what we have spent to go and will be spending more.

My son is also not even in her wedding so I’m not sure why she thinks she can control him as well. I really don’t even want to go due to her being controlling and the cost of what we will be spending for her second wedding as it should not as big of a deal in my opinion. AITA for refusing to cut his hair?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Easy-Tip-7860 said:

NTA. You could skip this wedding and maybe go for her third. The way she’s acting it seems like a possibility.

thewoodsiswatching said:

NTA. He's TEN! Jesus in a cheese taco, what the hell is she thinking? I would "nope" out of the entire thing at this point and save your 1500 bucks. She's got issues and you cannot solve them.

VirtualBoat3827 said:

NTA. Since you didn’t stop her in her tracks initially when she began making demands of you she feels she has the right to keep making demands. Tell her that if she doesn’t back off and leave you alone you and your family will forfeit the $1,500 you have spent and will not attend her wedding. Life is too short to be bothered with toxic people even if they are family.

DawnShakhar said:

NTA. Your sister is definitely a bridezilla. I sort of understand why you gave in to her demands about yourself if you are in the bridal party, though I would have declared boundaries earlier.

But your son is not in the wedding party, and she should have no say about his appearance. Unless he comes in dirty or torn jeans, barefoot or without a shirt, his appearance is his choice.

Text your sister back that your son will be sporting his mullet, and if that spoils the aesthetics of her wedding, you will be glad to stay home with him.

Strain_Pure said:

NTA. Tell her straight to shove her opinions where the sun don't shine or you simply won't be attending, she has zero right to tell your son to cut his hair.

Kat_kinetic said:

NTA. No permanent changes for a wedding. That’s asking way too much. It takes time to grow hair out how you like it.

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