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'AITA for telling a Christian woman that doing OnlyFans contradicts that?'

'AITA for telling a Christian woman that doing OnlyFans contradicts that?'


"AITA for telling a Christian woman that doing OnlyFans contradicts that?"

Before you crucify me: I don’t care about religion. I’m neutral. I have no issues with p$rn and OnlyFans. But this seems like mental gymnastics to me. We (M29 and F26) were in the talking phase and she has made it a HUGE deal to me that she is Christian and was hoping I was too. I was raised Christian and even went to a Christian high school and did lots of Bible study (hated it).

Ironically, those 4 years of highschool were what pushed me away from religion. Not gonna get into specifics as I don’t want to offend or debate anyone. Anyway, I told her that I’m technically agnostic but that I let other people have their joy/fun if it doesn’t hurt them or others. She took a huge issue with me using the term fun (hey English is my second language leave me alone ) and told me I was belittling her faith.

I clarified and apologized but I then started getting annoyed because she kept going on and on about how ignorant I was (like 10 min I swear). Finally, fed up, I told her that her doing only fans, camming, and talking sh$t about her previous dates wasnt so Christian of her.

I mean, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t force me to go to church with you because it’s “so important” but also tell me and make fun of the old geezers that pay for your camming shows. Hell, she told me about this one dude that is convinced she is his long distance gf for Christ sake. I am not knocking the hustle, it’s the hypocrisy that bothered me.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

EmperorMrKitty said:

NTA. You basically provided a no judgment zone, she ended that over a miscommunication, she got called on her hypocrisy. She didn’t need to get all weirdly religious if she didn’t want to talk about her religious values.

StrategyDue6765 said:

NTA. I'm a Christian, and there are indeed many who act holier than thou. By the way, I am a sinner. And that's okay. I always try to do and choose good. But still a sinner. I respect everyone's beliefs, and I think that's important.

BlueGreen_1956 said:

NTA. Christians are the biggest hypocrites on the planet and most of the hate in America comes directly from them. You dodged a bullet.

infernalbutcher678 said:

I mean...You're not wrong, plus she asked for it by lecturing you for around 10 minutes. Going with NTA.

alhessy said:

NTA. Without the context, I'd say it's not okay to tell her her actions contradict her religion. People can be wild and still be Christian/believe in god. Its not your place to question her, but in this case, you just matched her vibe and she deserved it lol.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this situation?

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