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'AITA for telling my brother it was tacky to have a wedding with no alcohol?' 'No one was told ahead of time.'

'AITA for telling my brother it was tacky to have a wedding with no alcohol?' 'No one was told ahead of time.'


"AITA for telling my brother it was tacky to have a wedding with no alcohol?"

Brother got married 2 weeks ago (July 1). 48 guests total, all local/from the city that's about 30 minutes away from the venue. They told everyone there was no need for gifts. Venue was a reception hall with an outdoor courtyard. The ceremony started at 4:30 pm. Dinner was served at 5:30 pm and was followed by dancing and mingling until 8:30-9:00 pm when the reception ended and everyone went home.

The wedding had no alcohol. No one knew that or was told ahead of time. The wine on the tables for dinner was sparkling and 0% alcohol. After dinner, the bar only served water, juice, pop, mocktails and 0% alcohol wine and beer. The venue was out in the country and not near anything. The city was 30 minutes away. There was nowhere to get alcohol anywhere at the venue or nearby. There were no kids there. There was no religious reason and neither my brother, his wife or anyone at the wedding are recovering alcoholics.

I'm not the only one who was upset. My brother said since was just a short ceremony, dinner and a short reception they didn't see the need to serve alcohol. They were trying to keep the total cost of the wedding under around $5,000. I told my brother it was tacky and made the wedding look shabby. I'm not even the only one who feels that way even though my brother is really angry at me. I want to know if I'm TA? I'm not even the only one who was upset. It's a normal and expected thing to have the alcohol flowing at a wedding.

EDIT: In case it isn't clear I think my brother was totally wrong here.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Expendable_Red_Shirt said:

Yeah, you're TA. It's his wedding. well his and whoever he married. You can be sober for a few hours and be fine.

eternally_feral said:

YTA. Why is alcohol a priority over the fact that your bro is getting married? It was a short ceremony. It was around a 4-4.5hr event. That’s shorter than an average work day and still way early enough in the evening to go to town and get a couple of drinks in, if that’s such an important factor. Not tacky. YTA, big time.

ComfortableZebra2412 said:

YTA I have never understood why people would go to a wedding only to drink, people have issues, but aside from that it can costs 1000s, to supply for a wedding. Maybe some of th family regularly get sloshed and act out, maybe they are cheap. Who cares It's not your business at all and insulting the wedding because it was dry was actually tacky

Agoraphobe961 said:

YTA. Alcohol is a huge cost and one of the easiest places to save. It sounds like they had plenty of other options available for a good time. Seriously, you can’t go 5 hours without booze?

[deleted] said:

YTA - why the assumption of alcohol? Its his wedding, he gets to do it the way he wants it.

Stephenallen1977 said:

YTA, since when has it been mandatory to have alcohol at weddings? Their wedding, their rules especially if they were trying to save money. You can have plenty of alcohol at your wedding if you want.

Everyone was unanimously against OP for this one. What's your hot take on dry weddings?

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