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Friend-of-the-bride plans to tell the groom that she cheated on the Vegas bachelorette trip. AITA?

Friend-of-the-bride plans to tell the groom that she cheated on the Vegas bachelorette trip. AITA?


"AITA for telling my friend's fiancé that she cheated on him?"

Jess, our 4 homegirls, and I went to Vegas for Jess's bachelorette party. We had a great time the first day until we returned to our hotels at night. Maria (another friend) didn't tell us that she had paid for male strippers to come to our suite and that immediately made it uncomfortable for me and some others.

We never agreed to this nor were we interested--We wanted a girls weekend! They started dancing ofc and Jess eventually hooked up with one of the performers (in front of us) and went into one of the bedrooms leaving the door open.

Me and two other girls left and booked a small room for us 3 that same night while Maria, Jess, and another homegirl stayed. The three of us thought of leaving vegas but didn't want to come home because our partners might question why we came home so soon since most of our boyfriends know each other.

The next morning, we all got breakfast together and guess who joins? The male stripper who banged out my friend and it was so damn uncomfortable. Afterwards, we all met again in the initial suite and had an argument with each other. I have never heard of "girl code" when it comes to cheating on our partners and Jess used every god damn cliche of "What happens in Vegas..." and that it's normal for bachelorette parties.

Pretty much all bs that I see in movies or read from social media. She eventually started crying and talking about her life and I just simply didn't care. It has completely destroyed our friendship and now me and the other girls have discussed the possibly of not continuing as her bridesmaids.

One of them has told me that we should still go to the wedding and then cut ties after, but I don't know. My conscience can't hold this in and I feel like it is the right thing to do because I would want that. I want to believe that what I'm doing is a moral good. Am I wrong? How common is this for bachelor and bachelorette parties?


- one bridesmaid didn't go with us and she was on our side about what happened. She's willing to back us on what we decide to do.

- Since we've returned home, Maria has been harassing us about being fake friends in our group chat. I never really liked that cunt anyways.

-My friends and I also took pictures of them at breakfast for evidence and screenshotted Maria's texts.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

WeakDark7 said:

NTA You have to tell her fiancé, if someone did it to you you’d want to know. Save home from a lifetime of this and she already showed how much you mean to her calling you fake friends for having morals. Tell him either together with friends or individually how u need to to tell him.

lifeSaxer said:

NTA, please please please save this man. Do not let him go thru with this. He may become a villain for a short time after this but it will safe him time, money and even more heart break. Do not let him reproduce with her. Save this man I beg you.

flic_my_bic said:

NTA - I would have greatly preferred my ex-wife's friend telling me she cheated on her Bachelorette. Took a decade and more cheating for that nugget of info to roll out. Two days before our wedding, I sure as shit would have walked on the whole thing and saved myself a lot of heartbreak down the road. Tell him, no excuses for cheaters.

Lost_Talk_1715 said:

NTA. Imagine if she gets pregnant and he raises another man’s child without even knowing. Plus this isn’t the only time she’ll do this, if she’ll do it once she’ll do it again. You are the company you keep. You and your friends that are uncomfortable are good people and should ditch her. You don’t want a friend like that.

HoldFastO2 said:

NTA. Would you want to know if your partner did this to you? Yes? Then help out Jess‘ fiancé, please.

Haunting-rip-3262 said:

NTA. What’s with people cheating on their partners under the pretext of “it’s my bachelorette party. The only day I get to have fun before I get married. Omggggggg”. Sh%tty behavior.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for these friends?

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