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Teen 'ruins a special moment' by telling sister she already knew she was pregnant. AITA?

Teen 'ruins a special moment' by telling sister she already knew she was pregnant. AITA?


"AITA for telling my sister I already knew she was pregnant?"

A while ago I [16f] heard my sister [22] arguing with my parents about something so I kinda eavesdropped and heard them mention something about my sister being pregnant, and I was obviously surprised but I couldn’t tell anyone I knew. And then another while after I overheard them having a conversation about when to tell me so I pretty much knew when they were planning on telling me as well.

They called me into the kitchen one day and she said she had something to tell me and they were making it a big surprise but obviously I knew what she was about to say. Leading up to it I was thinking of how I was gonna act when she tells me but when it actually came to it I decided to just tell her I already knew instead of lying and pretending to act surprised.

Both her and my parents were pretty shocked and asked how I knew and I told them I had heard them talking about it. I felt kinda bad because they were probably expecting a big reaction but I thought it was better than lying to them.

My mom was pretty pissed off and later that night she went mad at me for "ruining a special moment." I told her I just didn’t want to fake a reaction but she said she didn’t care and that I could’ve just pretended to be surprised and happy for her.


Edit: I wasn’t there when my parents initially found so for everyone saying they were mad, idk how they reacted.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

FieryArtemis said:

You didn’t have to tell her that you knew. Could’ve just smiled and said congratulations. It sounds a bit cold.

NovaStar92 said:

NTA did they expect you to do backflips?

Electrical-Form-3188 said:

NTA - adults should know that yelling and arguing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. How stupid. You’re a good, honest kid and f em for expecting you to do a whole song and dance just to ease the tension of their fight over it. You’re not their comic relief or whatever!

glamlambb said:

YTA. You couldn't act excited for your sister? Forget your parents, think about your sister. What a mean thing to do.

Ulwoja said:

NTA. I am surprised how many people prefer lies and faking. Also parents should have done better job keeping it as a secret if it was important. Your parents seem to be resposible for ruining the special moment.

Odd-End-1405 said:

NTA. What kind of "big" reaction are you supposed to provide for your sister being pregnant? A simple Congratulations is all that is necessary.

mama-ld4 said:

NTA. Your mom gets to argue with your sister over her adult pregnancy but you can’t admit that you overheard that argument and already knew? Ridiculous.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family?

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