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'AITA for thinking my girlfriend is a social climber?' 'She exaggerated a few things to look more impressive.'

'AITA for thinking my girlfriend is a social climber?' 'She exaggerated a few things to look more impressive.'


"AITA for thinking my girlfriend is a social climber?"

My girlfriend and I have been together for about 8 months and since then there have been multiple occasions where I have ended up feeling frustrated due to this kind of behavior. Context - We work in the same industry so this makes a lot of my meetings and connections desirable for her.

Most recently I had an important meeting with a potential new agent. It was my second meeting and he was coming to meet at our house for a chat then we (me and the agent) planned to go out to dinner. My girlfriend came home during the meeting, said hello and then pulled up a chair and said “I’m so hungry, what are you both up to, are you going for dinner?” This threw me a bit, I was a bit lost for words, and after a bit of awkwardness the agent said we should all go for dinner.

At the dinner she spoke about herself, she exaggerated a few things to look more impressive, made it clear she was agentless, and would randomly bring up that she did great work today etc. I will say she comes across very lovely and sweet so of course the agent ended up being interested in her, when we were leaving he wanted to meet up with her in NY (at dinner she said “I’m in NY next month” despite it not actually being confirmed) and then it became awkward as she had to admit the NY trip didn’t have dates yet and wasn’t 100%.

When we got back home I just said that, something didn’t feel right, and I didn’t expect her to come home and do that. She got upset and defensive, would say things like “I just won’t talk to anyone in future” which feels a little manipulative.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Equivalent-Roll-3321 said:

NTA Dude, she’s very very manipulative. This was planned by her and she has zero remorse. It’s all about her. She did it once and she will do it again if given the chance. Also, concerning is her ability to lie like it’s no big deal. Not a trait most people would want in their partner.

DuduMelo25 said:

NTA. She knows what she is doing. Your instincts are correct in the last line "I just won’t talk to anyone in future". Trademark bs to hide any trace of an ulterior motive. I think this is something you should dig into. It's the agent today, what about tomorrow etc? Not usual behavior from a "partner."

FirstEnvironment418 said:

NTA - she’s trying to take your business. Worst case scenario after she’s taken some of your clients she then dumps you and “poisons the well”, or tries to at least. And yes the last bit is manipulative, I say cut your losses now 8 months in rather than years in. When someone shows you who they are believe them.

C_Majuscula said:

NTA. Her response to you basically confirms that this was premeditated and an attempt to use your connection to get an agent. No more meetings with potential agents at your house and I wouldn't even mention meetings to her in the future (if you stay together).

Timely_Egg_6827 said:

NTA - it's not social climbing, it is networking but she is jeopardizing your career to promote her own. She put you and your agent in a really bad place. Her coming with you is an implicit recommendation by you of her and she wasn't prepared enough so made you both look bad. I'd stress the boundary that personal life and business life are separate and she doesn't get to muscle in on your work meetings without explicit permission. If she walks, then you know what your worth was to her.

RoyallyOakie said:

NTA...this seems more like a competition than a relationship.

Long_Ad_2764 said:

NTA. You should have told her you were conducting private business and asked her to give you privacy. Better yet in the future do not take these types of meetings at your house.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this couple?

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