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'AITA for video-calling my sister's fiancé while she was actively cheating on him?

'AITA for video-calling my sister's fiancé while she was actively cheating on him?


"AITA for video-calling my sister's fiancé while she was actively cheating on him?"

So I kinda went nuclear on my half sister, she's 23 and been with her boyfriend for just under a year and they decided to get engaged, due to be married early 2025. Throw away because I like to keep my online & personal stuff separated, and I'm also just incredibly paranoid/shook up.

I live with my half sister and her fiancé. My sister and I are only 6 months apart in age and apparently, surprise the apple didn't fall far from the tree with this situation, I'm sure our age gap is explanation enough. I'm currently very wound up as I type this so excuse any tangents or if I seem all over the place as I'm still running off the rage and panic this whole ordeal has put me through.

Yesterday afternoon I had come home from my grandparents house for an Anzac day lunch, due to not feeling well I came home earlier than expected, I guess my sister hadn't heard me come in because I was greeted to very suspicious sounds from her bedroom.

At first I didn't think much as her fiancé had been away the past couple of weeks in another city at a different branch, and figured she was just enjoying some alone time while I was out of the house, and decided to go about my day. I've heard weirder sh^t in our lives together from sharing a wall with her half my life, and seeing her exes come and go.

It wasn't until I heard another voice that I realized that she was very much NOT alone. I don't even know what came over me as I was just instantly in a blind rage, it felt like I was watching myself from afar or through a fish bowl is how I could describe it, but I shot her fiancé a message to see if he's available to call real quick, we chat often and he's the main handy man of the house so it's not uncommon for us to call him when he's away for dumb questions.

I dashed upstairs quickly and proceeded to shout- "Wanna say hi to sister?" and kicked open the door with him on video. By the time they were in view they were already scrambling apart, my sister immediately screaming. The poor guy looked confused by the situation and startled by my intrusion and fell backwards off the bed, it all felt like a blur after that, lot's of yelling, screaming, "what the f-" doors slamming, sisters phone/house phone ringing etc as I'd hung up on her fiancé during it all.

By the time I was fully aware of everything again properly I was in my room, my sister still screaming outside, and the guy yelling as well, I slightly recognized him from a few parties we'd been to, but couldn't put a name to the face if I tried.

After a bit I heard everyone leave, and within the hour her mother was calling me to lecture me about how I had gone too far, and I should be ashamed of myself for going about it this way instead of talking about it first, she accused me of being resentful of my sister and lashing out at her for what happened to my mother- as she is the affair baby after all and wanting to absolutely humiliate her. So I guess she stayed with her mother for the night as she never came back home.

Prior to this, my sister and I have had a fantastic relationship, we've shared a house every week since we were born, grown up together, become best friends, helped each other out, but when this situation came up something in me just snapped, I threw her under the bus with out hesitation. My father may have been a scumbag to my mother, but all our parents co-parented us very well over all with minimal issue (or atleast they hid it from us really well otherwise).

Now I've had time to calm down, I think maybe I did take it too far by video calling him, and can see how that would be rather cruel of me to subject them to that. Our dad, my mother and her fiance have tried to call me a couple of times now this morning, but I'm too scared to talk to them currently after her mother ripped into me over it already and all the yelling that went on when the situation broke out. I just want to run away from it all, and haven't left my room outside of locking the house up when she left. So...AITA? Did I take it too far? I don't even know how to handle this going forward in all honestly it all feels so surreal.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Outrageous_Spray_863 said:

NTA you reap what you sow and you saved the fiancé from your scumbag sister. Better he ends it now then gets married to her and she cheats anyway.

Melodic-Skin9045 said:

Hilarious. The fiance can do what he likes with the information. NTA.

HarlotteHoehansson said:

NTA. If you had just told him she was cheating he might not have believed you. You gave him proof.

lonelyboredalone said:

NTA, she would have been caught one way or another. Also, if she really cared about her fiance, she wouldn't have cheated. Plus, fiance may not believe without evidence, and you gave him that. At least he knows now, then later down the road. Also, with you guys living together, she wasn't very secretive about her cheating as well. I mean, fiance could have come home early as well and may have wanted to surprise her, so she did it to herself.

BudgetAttention9268 said:

NTA...You saved the fiance a lot of heartache...More than he has now...On top of attorneys fees.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for these sisters?

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