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'AITA for making my girlfriend pump gas to teach her a lesson?' UPDATED 2X

'AITA for making my girlfriend pump gas to teach her a lesson?' UPDATED 2X


"AITA for making my girlfriend pump her own gas?"

Since me(28m) and my girlfriend(27f) started dating, any time she drove and had to get gas I would pump it for her. Well last week she took me to work because her car does better in the snow than mine. When she came to pick me up from work she was wearing pajamas which were shorts with a long sleeve button up, she even wore her house shoes.

I was embarrassed for my coworkers to see her like that so when she stopped for gas to teach her a lesson I told her my back was sore and she could pump it. She said it was too cold and she wanted me to do it. She’s the moron that wore shorts. I stood my ground, she pumped her own gas, but wouldn’t talk to me during the drive.

We pass a sushi place on our way home so I asked her to stop, she said no but I kept persisting and she finally said okay. She told me I would have to run in so I did, when I came out she had left. I told my brother because I needed a ride home, he gave me a ride home but said I was an ass and I deserved it.

If there’s any interest I can update with what happened when I got home but it doesn’t seem super relevant to my question so I don’t see the need to add it

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YTA, OP. For more than one reason.

1.) If you were embarrassed by what she was wearing, that's a you problem. It's not up to you to teach anyone a lesson

2.) She was doing you a favor by carting your ungrateful butt to work in the first place. Even if she were wearing a thong, pasties, and a clown wig and it were somehow your responsibility to teach her a lesson about anything, you should have pumped gas for her

3.) Not content with shaming her appearance and taking it upon yourself to teach her a lesson that was not your responsibility to teach, you also demanded she stop to get you food though I note with interest you weren't so concerned about her appearance then

I love that she drove off and left you. Your brother is correct. She didn't deserve that treatment from you, and you don't deserve her.

[deleted] said:

YTA. Such an a$$hole. "to teach her a lesson", "I stood my ground." I'm glad she left you at the restaurant.


YTA. JFC. She was doing you the favour of picking you up at work and you thought "what if I publicly humiliate her and force her to freeze while she pumps gas?" I hope that when you got home, she broke up with you.

[deleted] said:

YTA. And I love that she left you there 😂

Commenters agreed: YTA.

OP later shared this update:

First to answer questions: She pays for her own gas. She didn’t get out of the car but she doesn’t have tinted windows, and I didn’t expect her to dress up I did expect her to not look like a bum though. I’m still reading comments so I’ll add stuff that gets asked a lot to this and I’ll try to respond to others.

Now for what happened when I got home:

We live in a fairly rural area and i work about 35-45 minutes away. Apparently my brother called my mom who then called my girlfriend and told her what I had said. This did include me calling her a moron and saying how embarrassed I was.

When I got back home my girlfriend had moved all of my cloths and belongings into the “junk” room. I tried to talk to her but she locked herself in our room and ignored me. When I finally got her to talk to me she basically listed everything I’ve done wrong in our relationship.

This past week has been hell. She wouldn’t take me to work when it was snowing so I had to take myself and my car got stuck twice, I missed two days of work because of her pettiness. I really didn’t think I was the a$$hole here, but I tried to justify and explain myself.

I did admit I was trying to teach her a lesson and we broke up. When I got home from work she had all my belongings in boxes by the front door and I guess that’s that. I really didn’t think I was the a$$h@le, but obviously that’s why I posted here. Everybody that wanted us to break up got what they wanted.

Then, OP shared this second update in a new post:

"Can I take legal action against my girlfriend for kicking me out?"

My now ex girlfriend and I got into a petty argument and broke up. She kicked me out of the house and I want to know if there’s any legal action I can take. The house was a gift from her parents and is in her name, but she kicked me out without any warning causing me to have to move back in with my patents and I simply don’t want to live with them. Is there a way I can make her have to let me move back in?

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