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'AITA for getting upset with my husband for getting me the wrong bra size?' + MAJOR UPDATES

'AITA for getting upset with my husband for getting me the wrong bra size?' + MAJOR UPDATES


"AITA for getting angry at my husband for getting the wrong bra size?"

A little background. I, F29, have always been a rather skinny person, size 00 with barely (read none) existent curves so to say, I don't wear a bra for the lack of need, but when I do need it would be some AA bralette and call it a day.

Recently I got to know I have somewhat serious medical issues and I needed to start hormonal therapy. Most likely I will gain weight, which doesn't bother me that much, I just want to be healthy again, but I did start feeling a little insecure not only with potential weight gain but with already starting to see some side effects on my skin, hair and generally I am just moodier.

My husband Jeremy, M34, has been nothing but really supportive, he is very understanding with my current moods and goes out of his way to compliment me and get me to feel better, like saying that there will be just more of me to love, or that I will look beautiful no matter what.

And now onto the story that got me feeling really mad and upset at Jeremy. Sometimes he needs to travel for work for a few days, this time as he came back usual stuff proceeded, I went to wash his clothes from the weekender bag and found an obvious pink bag, inside which I found a really pretty set of lingerie, with the bra cup size C. I was really confused and asked him about it.

Jeremy then tells me that he knows I been feeling insecure about potential weight gain and wanted to surprise me that there are good things in every size. I don't know it just made me very upset, like most likely my breast wouldn't even grow to that size, like why on earth would he buy a bra for me 4 sizes larger, like he has some kind of expectations of how my body should look like, I just don't know.

He says I am being emotional and overreacting and if I don't like it, he will just take it back, that he wanted to make me feel better, and instead, I am just throwing a strop at him.

So AITA for not appreciating a wrong bra size even if it was with good intentions?

What do you think? Commenters weighed in, and many pointed out that there may be something shadier going on here:


NTA. And hon, that bra wasn’t for you that’s just his cover story.


That's kind of what I thought and I feel bad for it. She FOUND the bag, he didn't give it to her. There's a difference between not knowing her size and getting a A instead of AA or a B or something, but a C?

There is literally no male in the universe, straight or gay, who would look at a woman with A or AA breasts and think a C bra was appropriate or that her breasts would ever get that large without surgical help. It's more likely that it was for his side piece who has the chachas to fit into that bra and he made up some bullcrap on the fly.

Travels for work and buys lingerie that she finds as opposed to he gifts her when he gets back? Yeah, that's a red flag o'cheating.


Info: were the tags still on the lingerie? Was it obviously new? Cause hon, some of us have been on Reddit a little too long not to think it’s sus that he went away, came back with lingerie you’ve never seen before (and that isn’t in your size), and waited until you were cleaning out his bag to “find your gift.”


NTA, I don't think that bra was for you


Ugh, my first thought was if you're an A cup, there is no way you'd gain enough weight for a C cup because it doesn't work that way...this has to be cheating and he's covering.

Commenters overhwelmingly suspected OP's boyfriend is cheating.

An hour later, she followed up with these updates:

Update #1: This post been up for about an hour but the majority of comments are saying he could been cheating on me and it wasn’t meant for me. I been so wrapped up with my body image and insecurity I haven’t thought about it. To make me feel better, I went on his computer to see iMessages and yep.

He has a C cup on the side. Gonna wait for him to come home and talk about it, I don’t know what people do. Feel empty. This discussion is over, thank you all

Update #2: So I left it yesterday as an open ending as needed to collect my thoughts and understand the next steps, but as I logged in now I received many nice messages and comments, and honestly I am very grateful to you all.

To all wondering what happened after yesterday, we have decided that divorce is the only option. Sadly my "thoughtful and understanding" husband fell out of love with me a few years ago and didn't want to hurt me by telling me that. It sucks but things happen and life goes on. I will travel to stay with my family in another country for a few months to get myself together and proceed with a divorce.

Jeremy and I have decided to split semi-amicably and I am looking forward to all that is to come with my AA cups and 3 beautiful dogs that I am keeping. As I wrote my AITA about the bra, that's the last thing I thought would happen - that strangers on the Internet would know something I didn't even have a single thought about. So I guess thanks for that.

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