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'AITA for kicking my sister out of Thanksgiving dinner when she announced my pregnancy?'

'AITA for kicking my sister out of Thanksgiving dinner when she announced my pregnancy?'


"AITA for kicking my sister out for Thanksgiving dinner when she announced my pregnancy without my permission?"

With my family, we have a tradition. When me and my siblings grow old enough and get our own houses, we decide who will do Thanksgiving dinner at our house. I have 2 other younger siblings.

The middle child, Jack, and the youngest, Amy. This year, I was chosen and very excited because I was pregnant! Only Amy knew because I told her. I warned Amy not to tell our family members and she promised not to tell.

Later on Thanksgiving day, my house was decorated head to toe. Me and my husband spent a lot of time on it. Family members started coming and my plan was for me to announce my pregnancy when we were eating dinner.

None of my siblings were married yet since I was the oldest. When Amy came through the door I whispered into her ear. Amy swore that she told no one. I was thankful that Amy didn't tell anyone yet.

Our family talked for a while about internet and then we sat down to eat. We prayed and said our grace before we ate. I thought about announcing my pregnancy in the middle of eating.

Suddenly, Amy stood up. All eyes were on her. "She is pregnant!" Everyone in the room looked at me and started cheering. But before they could celebrate, I had to step in.

I shouted at Amy, I wanted to tell our family myself. Amy ruined a special moment for me. It was a one time chance. Amy said it was an accident and she was sorry. I didn't listen to her and I kicked her out. My mom was honestly making it harder for me. "Seriously it isn't a big deal, you can do this again!"

My mom and my dad were trying to stop me from kicking Amy out. "This is a family dinner, Amy is sorry!" Dad said. After Amy was out the door, everyone stayed quiet.

Amy is still trying to reach out to me. She is so regretful and I haven't responded. AITH?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

BarbarianRose said:

NTA. Shouting someone's secret out loud after promising to stay quiet isn't something you accidentally do. She did what she did on purpose. Maybe she was really excited and too impatient to wait for you to announce it yourself, but that's no excuse to ruin what should've been your moment.

"Seriously it isn't a big deal, you can do this again!" No you can't. It's not like everyone will forget you're pregnant and what are the chances you'll have a fourth kid? Why did you tell Amy in the first place, are you two super close?

Bitter_Animator2514 said:

NTA. She knows how to keep her mouth shut it wasn’t her place. And so what if she’s sorry. You don’t need to have people in your life who disrespect and disregard what your wishes are.

Objective_Hotel1079 said:

NTA - that was an incredibly rude and selfish thing to do. I’d kick her out too. Mom, in particular, downplayed it too hard. Allow your sister to apologize if she does and does it sincerely. But no more secrets for Amy. She lost that privilege.

Tricky_Personality54 said:

NTA She did it on purpose. You asked her not to tell anyone before the day and you whispered to her to keep quiet as SOON as she walked in. She made a choice to ruin your moment. She was sooooo excited about YOUR business that SHE stood up to get everyone's attention? yeah she's an ahole.

Final-Success2523 said:

NTA when my younger brother found out he got his girlfriend pregnant he told only me and I kept his secret until he shared it with our family since it wasn’t my place to announce it.

PolarisStar05 said:

NTA, your house, your rules, she broke her promise. If she’s sincereley sorry though, accept her apology

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family?

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