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'AITA for laughing when my mom said it’s my fault my brother got hit at college?' MAJOR UPDATE

'AITA for laughing when my mom said it’s my fault my brother got hit at college?' MAJOR UPDATE


There are times when laughter is the best response to an absurd statement.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a teen asked if he was wrong for laughing when he heard about his brother's misfortune at college. He wrote:

"AITA for laughing when my mom said it’s my fault my brother got p*nched?"

Before my (18M) brother(19) went to uni, we had a massive argument. I’d just discovered that he slept with my (now ex) girlfriend. She confessed to me which lead to me breaking up with her. He claimed it was a one time mistake and meant nothing, but I still told him I no longer want to see him again (he lives with our mom while I live with dad).

Later that day, mom visited. She said that he kept his pent up anger and then unleashed it at uni where he kicked a campus cat. That led to him getting punched by someone who studies at the same faculty. She then told me that I should visit, also adding that it was my fault.

At that point I just laughed. It was an incredulous laughter, rather than one borne out of amusement. Mom narrowed her eyes at me and said I shouldn’t be indifferent to how she is feeling.

Hours later, OP shared a small clarifying update.

UPDATE : I sent her the following text :

‘Alright, Mom. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I held him accountable for what he did. And I’m also sorry that that guy at his uni held him accountable.’

The internet had a lot of comments and questions to add.

Sherman_and_Luna wrote:

NTA. Dude openly kicked a cat around other people. He is lucky he only got punched once. Everyone can change, people do for better or worse all the time. But your brother is a douche.

Jacquelyn__Hyde wrote:

He slept with your girlfriend, and you told him you wanted nothing more to do with him. He then went and kicked a defenseless cat in anger, which resulted in him getting punched.

It's nobody's fault but his. NTA.

georgiajl38 wrote:

Your brother is a narcissist and your Mom enables him and is one of his flying monkeys. How do I know? When he told you it wasn't a big deal that he slept with your gf. Google The Narcissist's Prayer. You'll see it, too.

DeerBest3901 wrote:

NTA - Please keep a good distance and safety from your brother. Psychopaths have this classical history of cruelty to animals. Your family in the future will ask you to forgive him but once you have children, pets, or anyone who is more "fragile", remember this moment. Keep watch around him.

OP responded:

I meant what I said to him. I am never seeing him again.

Beth21286 wrote:

So you should care how mum is feeling, but she doesn't have to care about how he made you feel by sleeping with your girlfriend and ruining your relationship? Bwahahahahahahaha!

OP responded:

Hmmm, good point.

JuanDiegoCV wrote:

Okay fair enough, make up with him, wait till he gets a gf, wait some time till they're serious, then put the moves on her and sleep with her, confess to him and see how he acts then?

A few weeks later, OP jumped on with an update.

So some of you said that he was lucky to get only one punch for kicking the cat. Well, my mom just called me. He has been beaten up twice for it since then. No sympathy for him though. She still wanted me to visit so I told her no and when she insisted I blocked her. We are now no contact.

The internet has nothing but schadenfreude for OP's brother.

neanderbeast wrote:

Good on you for standing up for yourself, your mum is bonkers for supporting your brother. Is he the golden child?

ManufacturerNo6126 wrote:

But kind of funny you know, lets play the scenario: You go to his campus with a megaphone yelling 'hello I'm the Brother of Cathitb*tch. It's my fault he kicked the cat because I held him accountable for f##king my GF. I've gone NC but Mom calls me nonstop to apologize."

Freaking funny for someone uninvolved. You're definitely NTA. You sound like an empathetic person with brain instead of poop like your mom and bro.

HectoByte wrote:

I'm not usually one for vigilante justice. But I love the fact that this guy is constantly getting his a*s kicked because he abused an animal. It's almost poetic in the sense that cat he kicked is probably terrified to go around the corner because of him, and the brother is also afraid to go around the corner because who might be there.

Jasonstolkner wrote:

Am I the only one who thinks maybe the brother is getting his a*s kicked for trying to sleep with other peoples gf's and not just the cat?

Better-Turnover2783 wrote:

NTA. Sorry your mom is delusional and your brother is a selfish idiot. You know because of campus gossip and surveillance cameras; he's going to get whoomped on all the time and have to transfer schools, cost more money, lose scholarships if he had any.

One selfish act of screwing your girlfriend has now dominoed into a whole world of hurt and pain. Just think, you didn't have to retaliate against him, the universe is doing it for you.

It looks like OP's brother got a hefty dose of karma.

Sources: Reddit
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