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'AITA for making a girl move classes after she kept reporting my bruises to the authorities?' UPDATED

'AITA for making a girl move classes after she kept reporting my bruises to the authorities?' UPDATED


"AITA for making a girl move classes after she called the c*ps on a door?"

So I (19m) am in a nursing program, we do a lot of physical exams on each other to practice, which involves wearing shorts and tanks. It's important to mention I am permanently blind in one eye, I'm constantly running into walls, doors, railings, plants, people, animals, everything. As you can guess I'm covered in bruises 90% of the time, on my blind side.

In the course one day we were talking about signs of ab-se and the teacher said constant bruising, I raised my hand and added that it's important to talk to the patient if they're an adult, before calling the authorities as it could be something else.

She asked for an example so I rolled up my sleeve and explained that the bruises were from door handles of the school which were varying colors and heights. She nodded and agreed. She said with children we call the second we suspect ab-se, with adults we attempt to talk to them first and if their reason seems valid, we don't call.

The lessons continued, and a weekish later the cops showed up to my door, they told me they got a report that I was being physically ab-sed and I was always covered in bruises. I told them about my disability, they checked my home, talked to my family, saw no further signs.

I asked questions next, they got my address from the university because they take ab-se seriously here and when they talked to the university about me the university was very concerned and just wanted to help me. After the authorities left, I talked to some people at the university, including a psychologist just so they could be sure I had no mental signs of ab-se, then life went on.

Well, I was still coming in with bruises every day, and one of my classmates came up to me, she told me our classmate Kay, was telling people she was thinking about calling the authorities again because I'm still covered in bruises.

I got my classmates report written down, along side a few others and waited, sure enough the authorities showed up again, same song and dance but this time I told the university that kay was using the authorities to har-ss me and I wanted something done about it.

The university decided the best course of action was to move her from my labs, to the other ones so she couldn't see whether I was bruised or not.

She's now told me I'm an AH and that she was just trying to help me, and I didn't need to mess up her whole university schedule.


The internet had a lot to say in response.

[deleted] wrote:

She really didn't learn the lesson the class was taught, did she? A lesson she needs to understand if she is going to work in this job. If she'd done what the teacher taught — talk to the adult — then none of this would have happened. She brought this on herself. NTA.

OP responded:

Some of my classmates told me they tried to talk her out of it because 'what victim shows off their bruises to a classroom filled with nursing students and two registered nurses?' Which is fair, but I didn't know if I went too far getting her moved from my labs.

JowDow42 wrote:

NTA. She WAS har-ssing you by carrying on calling the authorities. Once can definitely be out of concern but after everything was checked out and you where safe she decided to continue so it’s totally on her.

OP responded:

I was fine with the once it's okay, people make mistakes, but after the second time I wanted to make sure it'd stop.

Open-Incident-3601 wrote:

I’m not blind in either eye and I am also always bruised. My legs and sides always have a big purple knot somewhere. It’s a daily occurrence.

Multiple doctors have said it’s not a medical issue. I just have terrible spatial awareness for where my body is. I run in to door handles, my work desk, counters. I get my clothes caught on stuff all the time. It’s entirely my own lack of attention and clumsiness.

phoenixanhil8 wrote:

Genuine question. How do you get bruised almost everyday? Do you have low sight in your other eye as well? Do you wear eye glasses? I'm blind in one eye as well (by birth). I'm short sighted but I rarely get bruised running into things.

I usually sprain my ankle due to not noticing unlevel ground or hit my toe on the wall corners due to blind spots once or twice a year, but the peripheral vision and the angle at which I turn my head to keep my eye at centre is more than enough to not bump into things so frequently. NTA.

OP responded:

I'm near sighted in the other eye, stuff on my left side is just impossible to see, glasses get in the way of some of my peripheral vision, keeping my head turned to long causes stiffness in my neck and I have to be able to turn my head fast and quick.

As I said, well I get bruised a lot. It doesn't interfere with my job, it's something I've grown up with, and I bruise easily, I don't bump into anything at home, but in the outside world I do.

Glass_Ear_8049 wrote:

NTA. I have a friend who is blind in both eyes and never runs into anything. He travels all over the world alone. Have you looked into services that can help you learn tools so you stop injuring yourself?

OP responded:

Part of my issue is that my mother denied I was blind for most of my life, it's only recently I've tried to learn to handle it, I'm working on it, but it takes effort and time, and I am getting supports, as I said the school knows.

Different-Streak2709 wrote:

Its still strange that you have so many bruises just because you are blind in one eye. A lot of completely blind ppl run around with no bruises at all. You should go to a doctor and have it checked. Some ppl who bruise easily have an underlying disease.

OP responded:

I had it checked when i was a child, my optic nerve is to small, severely impacting my depth perception, my doctor is aware, and tells me to not run, to avoid going down stairs to close together, or running up or down them.

Three weeks later, OP shared an update.

Okay so, tldr on the other, I'm blind in one eye, I run into random stuff if I'm not paying enough attention, I'm covered in various bruises, showed this during class well talking about ab-se and how we have to talk to adults before calling.

Girl decided to call the authorities on me twice claiming I'm ab-sed, resulting in me forced to go to counseling, talk to therapists, police, etc until everyone was assured I wasn't ab-sed. So anyways, it's been a bit since that post and I have big updates on her, I called her Kay in the other story so lets stick with that.

So anyways, I had previously gotten her removed from my labs, we still shared class not lab, I figured everything was fine now and she'd leave me alone, but I was wrong. Not only was she spreading rumors that I was ab-sed, but she called the authorities again, apparently more then once as the other two times the authorities said they had a report of ab-se, this time they said reports.

When I asked how many reports they said that it was multiple people, so I don't know if others in class called or she had her family do so. I just don't know, they couldn't tell me who called due to privacy when it comes to reporting, to try and make sure ab-sers don't attack the reporters.

Apparently my university had attempted to stop them when the men in blue spoke to them, but the cops had to check anyways, so they came after talking to the university anyways, and again we did the same song and dance.

I told them I felt like someone was using the authorities to harrass me, and the authorities took this, they said no one would show up again, and anyone that calls would now have their name taken down and if they call after being told not to they'd be charged with har-ssment.

Well, that was about a week ago, and someone continued calling, tried to claim a different name, didn't realize they record phone numbers as well, so there's your update on Kay, she called again, and again, and again until it got her charged with har-ssment as well as misuse of p-lice resources, not certain whats gonna happen going forward or if I'll be called to testify.

I'm not certain what's happening, but I haven't seen her since I was informed that she still called, which I found out from another classmate. I don't know how great an update this is, but yeah, that's the end of this situation hopefully.

The comments kept coming in.

wreckedmyself5653 wrote:

What's the school doing about this? Is she getting expelled for har-ssing you?

OP responded:

Seeing as she's probably ending up with a charge she will be expelled.

LobstahlovahRL wrote:

Wow, she is a nutcase! She must be driving herself mad in her head because she got moved to the other lab and all her calls and reports are not getting you removed from your home! Talk about petty mean revenge!

I also bang into stuff, and always have. I noticed I seem to have a problem with spacial orientation, and I was just told my vision is worse in my right eye, I had noticed my sight was cut by a 3rd in my eye. i'm always bruised from my clutziness but at least now I know why!

wheredainternet wrote:

Someone so unhinged should not be in a position of power over patients, holy f. Glad that something finally got moving on it.

_oh_my_stars wrote:

She's gonna be a s-t nurse. She's uncoachable.

OP responded:

If she gets charged she wont be allowed to participate in any nursing program in my area as people with records can't be nurses as far as I'm aware.

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