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'AITA for not taking my stepsister to practice cause she refused to get in my 'dirty' car?'"

'AITA for not taking my stepsister to practice cause she refused to get in my 'dirty' car?'"


"AITA for not taking my stepsister to practice cause she refused to get in my car that was 'too dirty' for her?"

Me and my brother share a car. It's not all his fault but the car isn't clean in the slightest, more by him than me. It isn't that disgusting but the seats are old, sorta stained and we have our backpacks/school work kinda scattered in the back.

One of our chores is taking our stepsister to softball practice, usually my brother does it cause im at practice for my sport when hers starts but I had an off day while my brother was taking a nap so I had to take her.

My stepdad said I could take his car if I wanted to but I wanted to drive mine. When I pulled it up my stepsister refused to get in cause it was so "dirty", I told her to get over it but she kept refusing and I guess my brother has been taking our dad's car whenever he takes her to practice.

She kept annoying me about how gross the car is and refusing to get in and I just had enough. (This is where I might be TA), I told her to go ask her dad for a ride and drove off cause I had places to be too.

About 5 minutes later my dad calls me and is PISSED saying I am "too old to be acting this way" and how I should've just taken his car. I told him that the car isnt bad and she's overreacting but he didnt want to hear it and wasn't happy. I'm just confused by this whole mess and wondering what others think. AITA?

The commenters had a lot to say in response.

LawNerds wrote:

If your car is actually a biohazard and you're too much of a teenage male who doesn't comprehend how gross he actually is to realize it, then you're the AH.

If your stepsister is just being a pretentious teenage girl who thinks she deserves to be driven around in style and doesn't want to be seen in an "embarrassing" but otherwise acceptable car, then you're not the AH. We'd need actual pictures of the interior of the car to decide.

Hauntedbubblebutt wrote:

If you're having to ride with the windows down then YTA. Clean out the damn car. 🤢

Global-Fact7752 wrote:

Yep you are the AH...look at the trouble that was caused over nothing. Save that for stuff that really matters...also you two could get together and clean your car?

krissil wrote:

YTA. Depending on where you live if your car gets too filthy cockroaches and rats will start living in it and will screw up your cars electrics (fraying wires internally etc) happened to a guy I work with. Plus if your car smells you are going to start smelling like it too.

Find out how much your local car wash costs to clean inside and out. If your brother won’t pay you half and your parents give you an allowance, go to them and get them to garnish his allowance 1/2 the cost of the car cleaning. Get the car cleaned once a month. You can even give them a receipt to prove you aren’t ripping your brother off.

Not cleaning your car will cost you more in the long run. The seat material will rot and the protective layer over your paint will wear and you will get rust faster. Also no potential romantic partner is going to want to get in a car that smells and you never know when you may be able to offer that person a lift that may kick off a relationship.

PandaCotton wrote:

Info: how old is your stepsister? Can you describe the state of the car, did it smell bad or could it have stained her clothes?

OP responded:

She's 14 just entering HS and the car isnt that clean but nothing that would stain clothes and a little smell but the windows were gonna stay down.

anysizesucklingpigs wrote:

OP says they’re an athlete. I’m willing to bet that their shoes, gloves, hats etc. don’t ever come out of that car. That they take their actual clothes—the stuff that goes in the washer—in the house to get laundered but leave the rest in the bag to just marinate in 2-3 hours of teenage boy sweat in July.

I know what this. I have lived this life. I can still smell feet. Stepsis plays softball. She’s therefore no stranger to locker room stank in her own right. If this car was so disgusting that she wouldn’t ride in it TO GO PLAY SOFTBALL IN JULY that should speak volumes to OP. I’m gagging just thinking about this.

ETA I’m laughing so hard at the posts saying OP was doing Stepsis a favor and that the parents need to figure out how to get her around. Are you MF’ers serious with that? Are y’all 13 years old? Let me tell you, that child was being driven to practice by some member of her family. It makes no difference to her who the driver is (the vehicle is the issue).

This was not a favor that was being done for HER. And the parents had already figured out how to get her around. It’s called looking at the two licensed dependent drivers living all up in your house and informing them of their mission. It wasn’t a request and it wasn’t a favor. A favor to the stepsister. Dying laughing.

Mighty_Buzzard wrote:

Stepsister is a normal person, who can’t stand filthy places. OP needs to get his car cleaned. I once thought about posting on here because I offended a friend by walking instead of accepting a ride from him in his filthy car. Then I realised that no way was I being the AH. OP, YTA.

H4ppy_C wrote:

YTA for not taking the other option that was available and trying to force your sister into a car that you already know is pretty gross. You aren't responsible for your brother's grossness though. Maybe save up for a car of your own if you can. I wouldn't force you to clean up your sibling's mess.

Party-Insurance6165 wrote:

I’m going with YTA. It’s a chore, get it done, properly. Someone has to do it and if it’s not done it sets everyone back or at least causes a ruckus where there shouldn’t be one. Take some responsibility and I am not going to drag you over your car. Everyone else has and will. If you wanna fight everyone else then show some proof on the car.

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