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'AITA for refusing to change the ownership of the house I bought for my parents?' MAJOR UPDATE

'AITA for refusing to change the ownership of the house I bought for my parents?' MAJOR UPDATE


There are times you simply have to put your foot down, no matter how much other people try to pressure you.

"AITA for refusing to change the ownership of the house I bought for my parents?"

I (33F) owned multiple businesses. I'm not really rich, but since I'm single and childless, I have a lot of spare money. I also saved a lot for my retirement, since I don't plan to marry and have children. I'm the youngest of my siblings, and the one that made most money. My elder siblings sacrificed a lot for me to get education since my father passed away when I was 17. I'm forever grateful for them.

My step father, Dan (68M, fake name) has 10 children with his previous wife. His previous wife passed away from cancer years ago. Dan and my mother, Susan (58F, fake name) was introduced when I was 20. I don't like his family. His children are all greedy and selfish. In my country, it's our culture to give money to our parents after we started working.

Poor Dan was a school principle, but he loaned a lot of money to all his children, making sure they won't be trapped with student debt. In the end, his monthly pension money will be deducted from the bank to pay debts with little left for their expenses. Luckily, my parents have a farm and that helped them to earn money.

My step siblings always ignored him when he asked for money, and my siblings were always the one that send money. My step siblings will ask for vegetables and chickens from the farm for free. They didn't even come inside Dan's house which is considered rude. They just took the things they needed and left. They rarely came back to visit them, and when they did, they rarely buy groceries.

I worked hard to earn money for my family. I figured if I have money, I can solve all their problems and make their worries and sadness from poverty go away. Three years ago, I bought a house for them and renovated it to their liking. The house is even bigger than my house and Dan's previous house. They can keep their dogs, fishes, chickens and ducks.

Dan is a good person, he helped me and my siblings when we were very poor. I paid for the house maintenance, hired housekeepers, and bought groceries every month. I gave them pocket money every month too. I made sure they would never lack of anything or need to work hard again, and all they need to do is relax in their old age.

My step siblings 😒 started to come frequently, stayed there at weekends and ate the groceries that I bought. All the groceries are high quality, I only buy the best for my parents. Hell, they don't even cook, they expect my mother to cook for them. If not for the two housekeepers, my mother will be tired keeping the house clean because all of them are lazy a$$es.

Their children throw snacks on the floor. Me and my siblings appeared amicable with my step siblings, but we expressed our disapproval behind their backs. We know they do the same. They're two faces after all. They even asked for some money from my step father sometimes, the pocket money that I gave to him every month.

My step father will always give some of his money every time, much to my frustration. They're are literally chef, accountants, manager and teachers. A week ago, I came back alone to my hometown and stayed in my parent's house. I came to see if my parents lack anything in the house, and to see the dogs and two cats. Three of my step siblings were there, with their family.

We all talked for a bit in the living room, and then the topic of the house ownership came up. Apparently, my step brother thought the house is on Dan's name. I told them the house is still on my name. They got upset and passive aggressively said I don't trust or care about Dan or my mother. I asked why does it matter since Dan and my mother live a comfortable life and I would never kick them out.

Dan, being a passive aggressive individual himself, shut them out and praised me, saying that I'm not his daughter but still do more. They were offended and went home that night. They have been making passive aggressive posts about being controlling on Facebook ever since.

My siblings made passive aggressive posts as well, most of it are mocking quotes about greedy and shameless people.

AITA for refusing to change the ownership of the house? Does it matter when I managed everything in the house?

The comments came flowing in.

MagicalTrevoer42021 wrote:

NTA. The step-beasts want to get a loan on the house, and you messed up their plan.

OP responded:

Thank you. They accused me of being controlling which is ridiculous in the first place.

Vegetable-Cod2340 wrote:

Yeah OP, you suck for not letting these people take further advantage of your parents. The fact is if the homes were in Dan’s name they would kick your mom out before your stepdad is even in the ground.

I would still add cameras to the property, I’m sure the second your parents aren’t in that home they will descend and take everything not nailed down and wouldn’t put it past them to squat.

OP responded:

If I had the power to stop them from coming, I would've done it. Unfortunately, Dan is stubborn. He made the choice to let his children come because that's the only time when he saw them. I already installed CCTV in a few areas in the house.

Amazing_Main9963 wrote:

NTA: They are just pissed and hoped you put it in Dan's name so when he dies they'll get it. It's all about them as always. You were smart to keep it in your name otherwise if it was in Dan's and he passed away first your mom would end up homeless as they would kick her out.

OP responded:

That's what I'm thinking. Dan has his own house. No one lives there for now, so they can take that instead.

royalbk wrote:

Can be even worse, not sure what country you're from but maybe they could consider putting your father in a care home in a few years and throwing your mom out. One house is not enough, they may want all the houses they can get their grubby paws on.

They're sus, don't ever let them get any advantage or they might just fully "show their a$$es". You're a good kid to your parents. I love how you take care of them. Chapeau bas.

OP responded:

Oh, definitely. They don't want the old house because the house is old and not as nice as the new house. The old house is not renovated and properly maintained.

The next day, OP jumped on with an update.

I was planning to visit my parents in my hometown this weekend with my siblings, to talk to Dan about my step siblings' behaviour. Turns out Dan already talked to them in their family group chat. My step siblings were angry. Six step siblings threatened to leave the group chat and stop contacting him. Dan said so be it. They didn't do it. I will make it short.

1. Step siblings spread rumours about me being someone's sugar baby. My nosy aunt heard about the rumour and told my mother and Dan, telling them how ridiculous the rumour was.

2. Dan snapped in the group chat and disowned them. He kicked six of my step-siblings that spread the rumour out of the group chat.

3. The four youngest step siblings remain in the group. Unlike the elder siblings, they lost their mum when they were young. So, they see my mother as their mum. Apparently, their elder siblings "borrow" cough coerce cough money from them every month.

They also decided to go NC with the their elder siblings. Me and my family blocked the six greedy demons.

Thank you for the encouraging words from previous post. Have a nice day everyone ☺️

The internet was invested, all the way.

FriesWithShakeBooty wrote:

This is the kind of update I love to read!

As always: lol at the parasites threatening to go NC. Oh no! What will Dan do? Kowtow to the parasites, or respect the stepchild looking after him and his wife?! How will this round of F#$k Around; Find Out unfold?!

Broken_Reality wrote:

NTA, Dan seems like a standup step-dad.

Congrats on clearing out the trash.

deathtoallants wrote:

Wow. Ok. This was a lot more positive progress of your situation than I expected. Bravo for Dan actually having enough and putting his foot down.

The older stepsiblings. Who needs enemies when your stepfamily is that terrible?

DawnShakhar wrote:

This is great news! Thanks for the update. Dan sounds like a mensch, I'm glad he didn't let his children get away with their greediness.

It sounds like OP did what needed to be done.

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