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'AITA for refusing to give my mom anymore money?' 'I borrowed about 20 grand.'

'AITA for refusing to give my mom anymore money?' 'I borrowed about 20 grand.'


"AITA for refusing to give my mom anymore money?"

I (36f) borrowed about 20 grand from my parents after they sold their business. 3 months later I paid back every cent. Now my mom borrowed quite a few people who she agreed with that they could pay her in instalments instead of the full amount. Now this is where my problem comes in.

Before they sold their business my parents were struggling financially for about two years and during that time me and my husband were the only ones that helped them out of my five siblings.

My youngest sister got a payout of a few million a few years ago and stays with them, without paying rent or buying food. Everything comes out of my parents pockets.

Recently my mom has been borrowing money from people up to 5 grand at once and expected me to pay the people, at first husband decided ok let's do it this once. Which put us as a family because I have two kids in a big financial predicament.

We are finally able to breathe again and just heard from the lady that borrows her money that she is about 2 to 3 grand in debt again and told her not to worry because me or husband will give her the money on pay day.

Now I might be the ahole but I called my mom and yelled that I was tired of being leeched while , when she has money it all goes towards my other siblings without the expectation that they would pay it back!

But I am the one that helps them out and when they do something for my family we always have to pay the back. I said enough ask your grown kids to help you I am done!

My dad called and said I was rude and that family help each other. But how come I am the only one that helps? For context my siblings are (40M), (34M),(32F) and (28F). I ALSO have not told husband yet so Aita for being tired of my parents treating us like their personal bank?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

violetauto said:

NTA. You borrowed 20 grand. You paid it back. If you have no more debts to settle with them, then you are done. Stop this endless go-round with finances. it will ruin you and your own family. I understand that in some cultures, this type of money exchange is common and expected, but it isn’t healthy. It’s OK to go against the cultural rules and establish your own boundaries.

JuggernautFar8187 said:

NTA. This will never stop unless you stop it now.

wlfwrtr said:

NTA Tell parents, "Families help each other out which is why I have helped you in the past. In case you didn't notice I wasn't the only that grew up in your house. There were other kids in the family. Start telling them they have help their family."

NaturesVividPictures said:

NTA. Tell them you will no longer give them any money or pay off the people they borrow from. You're not rich. Your leech of a sister who has several million doesn't pay them rent which would I'm assuming be a humongous help.

I don't understand why she's not living in her own home at this point unless she has a medical issue and that's how she got that huge payout. Either way she should help towards her unexpenses. But tell them you're done helping family because that's all you ever do and you have no money left yourself.

LordAxalon110 said:

Your little sister is loaded, get her to cough up some money. NTA.

BadLuckBirb said:

NTA. Just say no, it's time for your other siblings to step up. Don't put yourself into financial hardship anymore when clearly your mother is taking advantage of you. Tell the payday loan lady not to contact you anymore.

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this family?

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