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Woman on plane refuses to remove her hair from kid's TV, dad 'decided to do something.' AITA?

Woman on plane refuses to remove her hair from kid's TV, dad 'decided to do something.' AITA?


"AITA for switching seats on a plane to sit behind an attractive woman?"

I just landed at home from taking my family on vacation in Mexico. My daughter was watching the Troll movie on the plane and minding her own business.

The woman in front of her decided to put her hair over the back of her seat. This obscured the screen for my kid. My daughter asked her to move her hair but she wouldn't. We pushed the button for the flight attendant and the FA got the woman to move her hair. For about 15 minutes. Then she did it again.

I decided to do something. When my daughter went to the bathroom, I took her seat. When she came back I let her have my seat. She asked why I moved and I said that I really liked the woman's hair and I wanted to get a better look at it.

The woman heard me and she immediately pulled her hair back, tucked it in and pulled her hoodie up. My daughter didn't notice. She was happy with her movie. I was happy to have a nap.

My wife says that I should just have switched seats and not said anything to make that woman uncomfortable. I think she needed to know that she was being rude.

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

Sufficient_Cat said:

NTA. She should feel uncomfortable throwing her hair in peoples faces like that.

Mysterious_Pea_5008 said:

NTA. A genius solution that deserves no shame or correction. Tell your wife to try to respect how quickly and smoothly you resolved the issue your daughter was having, rather than try to critique it. SMH. Some people can't be made happy.

Very-last-boyscout said:

NTA. To be honest, the headline grossed me out at first. But after having read your story, I salute you. You sir, you have handled this situation well. I wonder, why you wife thinks, you have to take care of not making "that woman uncomfortable" after that woman deliberately and repeatedly has made your daughter uncomfortable.

Aggressive-Wear-8935 said:

She had her warnings, she deserves to feel uncomfortable. NTA.

BeardManMichael said:

NTA. You were looking out for your daughter. That other woman should be ashamed at behaving like that in public.

Karlito_74 said:

NTA, she was asked to stop being rude and ignored the request, everything after that is on her.

Everyone agreed unanimously with OP for this one. What's your advice for these plane passengers?

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