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'AITA for stealing a rude woman's full cart at Walmart?' UPDATED

'AITA for stealing a rude woman's full cart at Walmart?' UPDATED


"AITA for for taking someone’s full cart at Walmart?"

Here's the original post:

I’m buying spring cleaning supplies at Walmart. I’m (m 58) average hight but pretty fit and muscular, nothing outrageous, just, I can look intimidating. In the back of Walmart there are double doors that the employees use to bring large carts out to stock the shelves. It’s usually near Isles that must be stocked regularly like cleaning supplies or groceries. I here a girl say excuse me I need to get through.

In front of the double doors are two women (mid 40s) talking with their carts blocking the employee from getting to the back. The girl says again, very nicely I must add, excuse me ladies I need to get through. The Women look at her, they know she needs to get through but continue to stand there talking. Attitude like it’s a big inconvenience for them to move out of the way. This just pisses me off.

Why do people treat workers like freaking trash? I’m about to say something but hatch a better plan. One of the lady’s carts has her purse in it, so that’s a no go. I make eye contact with the girl and smile. I can see she it fighting her irritation. As I casually walk past the women I snag the other woman’s cart full of groceries and walk away. They don’t notice for a second then start to pursue me.

Now this may be were I might be the a$$hole. I could have just left the cart and went about my day, but obviously that’s not what I did. As I quickly move down the Isles I put some of her groceries back on the shelf’s. I try to get the stuff close but I don’t have time to be perfect. The lady tries to pull the cart from me claiming that it’s her stuff. I say it’s not your stuff until you pay for it.

And continue on my way. I didn’t get much put back on the shelf’s because she kept pulling on the cart. I take a bag of frozen chicken breasts and throw them back into the freezer case. Almost make it to the front of the store and the three of us are starting to make a seen so I abandon the cart but take several item with me, I think she was going to make chocolate chip cookies.

They don’t follow me and I make a clean getaway. When I get back to my shopping I notice the other woman’s cart, her purse is not in it now so off I go. I roll it to the camping section pull out all the cold items there were only a few and I needed milk and butter anyway so bonus.

I told a friend about what happened later and she asked me why I was such an a-hole about it and wondered why I didn’t stop after I had solved the problem. She told me it’s just like a MAN (yes she said it like that) to think he has the right to be judge, jury and executioner.

I don’t think I’m a misogynist pig but then again I am a guy so who knows. I did go back to the camping area later to put the rest of the stuff away but it was gone when I got there. I feel bad that an employee might have had to restock the stuff, my bad. I never did see the girl again, hope she had a chuckle about it. So did I take it too far, AITA?

What do you think? Did he take it too far? AITA? This is what top commenters had to say:


Yeah, kinda YTA here. You didn't punish the rude women. You punished the employees who have to put back all their crap that you didn't take from their carts. Just moving the buggy out of the way would've been sufficient.


ESH. It's a little funny, but it's odd that you took it so far. While it doesn't sound like you're a "misogynist pig" this is something that I could only imagine a guy doing to women. You even make a point of your appearance. I'm guessing you wouldn't do this if it was two big dudes. So yeah, you had a bit of a power trip over women and your friend was right to point that out.

[deleted] said:

YTA. Unnecessary escalation. But still hilarious 😂


YTA, too far, cmon going back for the second cart??? still kinda funny and pretty harmless

And said:

YTA. You're 58 and this is the level of maturity you're at...just sad

Commenters mostly agreed: YTA, although most thought it was a fairly innocent "crime" (and many found it hilarious).

Later, he shared this update on the situation:

I’m (M 50’s) at Walmart and hear a girl (worker, 20s) nicely say “excuse me ladies“. I see two entitled women (40s) talking in front of the doors that the workers use to restock the store. The entitled woman look at the worker with the distain of royalty being interrupted by a filthy peasant. The worker with here empty supply cart again tells the entitled Bee’s that she needs to get though.

Again the entitled woman blow her off with pursed lips and a dirty look. Now I have a particular sensitivity to people mistreating workers and these Bee’s have disrupted my delicate sensibilities. I walk past the entitled woman snagging one of the carts full of groceries and I take off. It takes them a moment for them to notice before they pursue me.

I quickly traverse The back aisle and turn the corner towards the front of the store. One of the entitled woman tried to pull the cart away from me but I make it all the way to the front of the store before letting go. I make a clean getaway and go back to get my cart.

Next to the restock doors is the other woman’s cart. Now before you call me the A-Hole I’m fully aware, but these people needed to be taught a lesson and I’m just the one compelled to step up. I grab the cart and head off to the camping section. I take the cold stuff from the cart. I needed milk and eggs anyway so bonus.

Later I felt bad that some Walmart worker would have to restock the cart from the camping section. When I went back the cart was gone. This happened like a year ago and didn’t think much about it. The other day I was at a restaurant with my extended family. One of the waitresses kept looking at me. I took me while to put it together. When she walked past I said “didn’t you use to work at Walmart?”

She got excited and exclaimed that she thought it was me. I had a haircut and lost some weight since then. She filled me in on the aftermath. The ladies complained to the manager that a guy tried to steal their stuff for no reason. The manager figured there was more to the story. The entitled women wanted the manager to find me and have me arrested.

The worker girl told her what really happened and has since become store folklore. I told her I posted the story in #AITA and got voted the A-hole. She said you're not an A-Hole your are a Legend.

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