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Babysitter helps herself to pizza, 'they told me not to eat their family's food.' AITA?

Babysitter helps herself to pizza, 'they told me not to eat their family's food.' AITA?


"AITA for eating at the children I babysit for's house?"

I (20f) babysit for some extra cash on the side. This just happened and it's eating me up so here we go. So, the family ordered pizza for dinner. Mom left cash on the table for me to pay. It was me, and two boys (7 and 10) large cheese pizza and breadsticks.

I have always been under the impression that the babysitter is allowed to have a reasonable amount of dinner if they're expected to serve dinner. I've babysat a few times in the past and have never encountered this.

When the parents came home to relieve me they asked how tonight went. I said fine, and said that the pizza place was really good as I had never ordered from there before. Mom looked at me puzzled, and asked why I ate the kids' dinner.

I said I just had two pieces of pizza and a breadstick. I feel as if this was not an inappropriate amount to eat. However, the parents disagreed. Dad said that they didn't expect to have to feed me dinner as well, and told me not to eat their family's food.

Overall, I am very uncomfortable and confused by this experience. Both boys were fed, and did not complain about being hungry for the rest of the night. I personally have always assumed, perhaps wrongly, that if I am expected to serve dinner as a sitter than I am welcome to have a serving. Is this something anyone else has experienced? AITA?

Here's what top commenters had to say about this one:

SumguyJeremy said:

NTA. I'm sure they had enough to eat. Were they expecting leftovers?

Disastrous_Dingo_309 said:

Wow, NTA. That family is rude and cheap AF. I usually order extra to accomodate for babysitters, ask their preferences for pizza toppings, etc., if we order pizza or any kind of food. I also let them know where the snacks are, and to help themselves to water, soda, Gatorade etc in the fridge.

I nannied and babysit for many many families over the years as a teenager and young adult too, and it was always like this as well. What an AH family. Don’t babysit for them again.

Heloise_Morris said:

NTA Cross them off your list, they're cheap and unreasonable. It's just a matter of time before they try to stiff you on the agreed upon payment. I treated my sitters like gold. They were watching my children. I made sure they had plenty to eat and their favorite snacks in the pantry.

Regular-Switch454 said:

Never babysit for them again unless they agree to feed you. NTA! I started cooking while babysitting at age 10. We all 3 sat and ate. Every family after that first one provided enough food for kids and sitter. It is outrageous that they expected you to starve.

Slightlysanemomof5 said:

My daughter started as a babysitter and now is a nanny during summer and during school breaks, and she has never not been offered snacks or a meal.

Since my daughter has IBS she sometimes brings her own food and every family when daughter babysat again made sure there was food that was safe for my daughter to eat.

In fact the family she is an nanny for changed their shopping and some eating habits for the children so my daughter could eat with the children. Never babysit again and explain why and you are NTA.

Neutral_buoyancy said:

NTA Eating when you feed the children is absolutely the norm. When I was younger and baby sat the parents would always tell me to raid the pantry after bedtime and I tell my babysitter for my kids now the same. That’s just crazy what did they expect you to do just starve?

Everyone was on OP's side for this one. What's your advice for this babysitter?

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